Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the question on everyone;s lips

TWO HIJABI WOMEN AND THE REPORTERS by Celine Leduc August 24, 2016
inspired by Chana Miriam Opert

Journalists flocked the two HIJABI winners
The athletes who won MEDALS at the Rio Olympics
Cameras click --- They are PORTS HEROES!
The questions everyone want to know.

The burkini IS front page news
European men and women know
Burkini is a symbol of Islamic submission
These women are not FREE

Women WE LOVE it is for their own good
WE want them free YET what about Yezidi
You prove: Muslim men ARE evil barbarian men
YET you are deaf blind and mute re Yezidi
LOVE women you DO NOT

Nigeria pleads “Bring back our Girls”
You talk Burkini hijab niqab
You pity the poor oppressed Muslim women
Yet you bully them to submit to your will.
IS THAT LOVE (of women)?

You claim you want to free Muslim women
You forcibly enforce and impose your laws
Make it legal so I can bully legally
Do nothing too free those kidnapped

Bring BACK OUR GIRLS in Nigeria
Yet you ask SPORTS HEROS what’s on everyone’s mind and lips:

Friday, August 5, 2016


YEZIDI by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Never heard of them prior to 2014
Never knew they existed
Yezidi existed prior to 2014.

Lived in LIMBO in the obscure
In an alternate reality
Where all is obscure

Shadows yes they are shadows
Reviled and defiled by zealots
Who propagate hate based on lies.

Yezidi in Iraq were well known
The Daesh knew they existed
Their lineage is pre- Adam

The People of “monotheism”
Claim they are of a different lineage
One Earth one Adam one God

One sun --- children of the Sun
One Adam --- One earth
One God one Yezidi People.

To know Yezidi exist
To bring their story to light
Out of the shadow they shine.

 GENOCIDE by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Images of invaders well-armed
Mercenaries or soldiers invade
Lust over land and women.
Women children are victims.

Genocide the extermination
The execution termination
End of a people overtaken
By brutal force is a genocide.

Another type of genocide
One that is created by neglect
Their story is untold unrecorded
A people without a history

A people with a story of Creation
A people with no wars, no invasion
A people targeted for they hold a truth
A secret so bold they are Eden.

Mercenaries are ruthless
They rape, sodomize enslave
They want to destroy Eden
Call the heathen as they kill

Their blood soaks the earth
Tears of blood are shed
Shed by those who know truth.
Speak up and loud remember

Remember the slain
Remember the genocide
They are not Heathen
They are a reminder of Eden.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dr. Homa Hoodfar please help her come back to Canada A letter sent to President Obama rime Minister Justin Trudeau f Canada and Stephane Dion

 Dear President Obama 

I am not an American citizen however my mother was born in Upper State NY and I was born in Canada.  

I have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mr. Dion of international affairs, RE: DR HOMA HOODFAR. However, there is a problem in Canada as noted in my letter to the Prime Minister   Canada severed all tights with Iran in 2012 Hence I am coming to you because you have diplomatic ties with Iran and you might be able to do something to help her come back to Canada.  

Dr. Homa Hoodfar is a professor from Concordia University anthropology dept.  Her being imprisoned in Iran makes me very sad.  She is not a political activist.  She is not against the government of Iran.  She always gave students a balanced point of view about women and Iran.   She is a scholar and an anthropologist but most importantly a human being who has a great heart.  She has a stroke needs medical attention and her medication.  She needs to see her lawyer and her family needs to know what is happening. On a humanitarian level can you please intercede in her favor?  Thank you Sir. 

Dr. Hoodfar prior to her retirement was always ready to help students if we did not understand the culture or ethos of Iran.  I consulted her more than once when I had a radio show on CKUT FM Twisting Tongue 1995 to 2001.  She never said no, when she could help. She would guide me and refer me to the proper sources or key women.  I had her as a guest a few times and she was a pleasure to interview and work with, as she described women from the Middle East and Iran as being strong and resilient.  She is not against the religion of Islam nor the leadership in Iran.  She travelled many times to Iran as a scholar and was never detained or accused of any crime.  
Canada does not have an embassy in Iran since 2012. However, I am sure that Canada can intervene in her favor as a woman who has dual citizenship Canadian/Iranian whether she travelled with an Iranian or a Canadian passport.   She is Canadian, she is a woman and a scholar. You need to find ways to help her get back home to Canada and her loving family and friends.   

Celine Leduc  

Monday, May 23, 2016



TODAY is celebrating Colonialism British and French hence perpetuating colonialism and neocolonialism and negating all those who are NOT White European making it an all-White holiday that also celebrates a history that is full of slavery, domination and celebrates White supremacy and privilege.  Let us celebrate freedom by facing our history acknowledging our past and start a new tradition that is inclusive of all. 

Queen Victoria ruled over the world and knew that the sun never set on the British Empire. During her reign we Canada was a Dominion and we were given the BNA Act (British North American Act) and the “Indian Act” in both cases women were not persons under the Law.  Queen Victoria did not believe in suffrage for women.  Meaning women did not have the vote, even if requested by Suffragettes.   First Nation women who could vote lost their right and so did men because they were considered to be “ORIENTAL” after all they were renamed “Indian” meaning they came from India. They were serfs and now under THE law they became children like women they were not able to make decision on their own they need a man a White man of European background to tell them what to do and how to do it, that man is known as the “great White Father” Not so great in my opinion.   Because Father did not know best.  As a woman how can I celebrate a woman who did not believe I could think and vote?   As a woman how can I celebrate colonialism?  Nine (9) provinces and territories celebrate Queen Victoria but not in Quebec. 

Quebec does not celebrate because they claim it is not proper as England colonized France, therefore they decided to celebrate First Dollard des Ormeaux and then settle on the Patriots of 1837.  The Patriots are also a symbol of colonialism.   They have been made into heroes by some French speaking Canadians as they fought against England hence they promote war and not PEACE. Secondly, the ones from Chateauguay wanted to go to war with Mohawks and with the British.  On a Sunday morning when Mohawks were attending Mass in the Catholic Church they made their way to Kahnawake to steal their hunting guns and attack the Mohawk’s.  One woman who was late saw them coming and alerted the men at Church and the Patriots were defeated and rounded up and given to the British.  It was not the place of Mohawks to put them on trial it was for the governments of Upper Canada to deal with the men who were at war with both the Mohawks and England.  They wanted to rule over Quebec and be under France and the politicians of the time enforced the Code of Napoleon in 1804, where women all women had NO RIGHTS.  The leadership of France was and is Misogynistic.  As a woman how can I celebrate the Patriots who wanted to make sure I had no RIGHTS…  Plus, these men wanted to keep their slaves Black or First Nation.   England had banned slavery in all its colonies and Upper and Lower Canada were colonies.  How can I celebrate colonialism, neo-colonialism, misogyny and slavery as a Woman? 

Be it Queen Victoria day or Patriot day represents oppression of First Nation those of African descent which include former slaves, and makes Jews, First Nation, African-Canadians and women second class citizens…    LET US STOP CELEBRATING COLONIALISM MISOGYNY AND INTELLECTUAL SLAVERY.  

SOLUTION push for a new holiday that celebrates FREEDOM based on truth.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

THE POWER OF A HUG by Celine Leduc

PERSONAL INFORMATION about my life and what has made me very happy and cry. I was brought up Catholic and I did not agree with a great deal of prejudiced peddled religiously and also politically by leaders by men. I never believed Jews killed Jesus or that Muslim were devils. Religious leaders wanted me to go to heaven and politicians wanted to go to war. My society the men lied to me big time and I wanted to know truth that included everyone.
I met women and became friends with Jewish who came from Egypt. The taught me that religion was NOT the problem it was politics and nationalism. I did my MA degree on Jewish women who came from Egypt and lived in Montreal adding a section about Egypt and their struggle.
To be fair and honest I met Muslim and Copt women who also came from Egypt, to get more information and be accurate in my depiction of society and the reality women of all three religions faced.
I did address the facts that Jews in Egypt were targeted by the leaders that Umm Khaltum did call for their death but also that there were friends and even some Jewish men and women did marry Muslims and Copt Christian. Truth was much more complex and much more intricate that I was told. Women all attended Catholic School in Alexandria (Jewish Christian and Muslim) The schools were run by nuns from France because of colonialism
Most Canadian or Quebec research had been done here by using books and travel logs written by men who had an agenda. They called themselves anthropologist and NEVER talked to the people of the area it was their narrow-minded opinion that was full of prejudice, arrogance and superiority. Women from Egypt talked about themselves and their life their friends their family that often included women or men of different religions or ethnicity. Their reality was quite different that what history or anthropological books were about ass they were based on voyage logs, travel guides, missionary diaries which were used to write books and not one of those academics asked the people. In the religion Dept. of Concordia we used books and oral history to write about a group any group.
People read my MA thesis and appreciated my work I was given the greatest of all honors AJOE Association des Juifs Originaires d'Egypte included me in their association not as a member only but on the board. Since a person had to be Jewish and from Egypt they gave me the nationality and the religion no rabbi needed to official the member voted me in unanimously. Same thing happened with some Egyptian who were Muslim they included me as both Egyptian and Muslim women did no conversion nor government involved. BTW Egyptians call or refer to me as the Blonde Egyptian (blondes are not dumb in Egypt they are cool intelligent people LOL). Because of Egyptian or of those born in Egypt (women and men) I am not only Catholic by birth but also Jewish and Muslim and Egyptian. One friend jokingly said if you are banned from one heaven you can come to Jewish or Muslim heaven because you are loved by us.
Yes, I did speak of the horror of nationalism and radicalization due to fanatics but also of the people. I love the people from Egypt and my heart is partly in Egypt and the other part in Canada.
This experience lead me to.First Nation people and I became friends with Mohawks of Kahnawake later with Ojibwa and Shalish and Cree many have adopted me unofficially as a friend because I used the same technique looking at the "Big Minds" and their lies and adding the voice of the people.
It all started because of a big hug a woman gave me, when I was ten years old, she was Black and I use to play with her son and was told by my father not to play with him. I was so angry at my father, found it unfair on his part. I went to my friend's mother and cried and ranted all she did was give me a hug and told me "I was right" she added that I needed to listen to my father however but I was RIGHT. A hug can change a life it did mine.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Today is Holocaust remembrance day it reminds us of what hate and indifference can do to people. Soulmates are separated friendships broken people die because of hate ... DISOBEY REFUSE to HATE to be INDIFFERENT Close your ears to the propaganda and open you ears from your soul hear the Creator whisper disobey bad leaders .
I wrote this poem for two friends whose only crime was loving one another in a climate of hate where Jews were vilified by the Nazi and yet these two friends one Jewish on German never stopped loving one another, they were SOULMATES One was shot by borders guards trying to escape the other one died in in Concentration Camp 2 years later. She was trying to go home, to be with her soulmate, to be ONE to be WHOLE.
It is happening now in the Middle East because of Daesh it is happening again in Europe because of immigration and migration Jews, Muslims Roma are the target of hate GROUPS.
This poem is dedicated to all of those who love and remain faithful to the one love in their life regardless of ethnicity, background, religion or skin tone no matter if the leaders tell them to hate. Evil men say: her hate him they disobey and still love and go through adversity because they know the power of TRUE LOVE. They know themselves, their culture their flaws and their strengths they know that love the power of one of wholeness of being complete.
SOULMATES by Celine Leduc January 27 2016
One soul in one spirit
Two bodies are one.
Two hearts one love
The two are ONE
One love two thoughts
They are of one mind.
United by creation
Created out of earth
From dust they came
To dust they go
Two bodies one earth
One love one soul.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Muslim women in Montreal by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon

My first encounter with a Muslim woman was about 45 years ago at a friend’s house.  I was under the impression because of ignorant journalists that Muslims and Jews hated each other. One of my friends (Jewish and Israeli) had invited me to help her prepare a small party. We were going to play cards which meant lots of talk and a feast. The hostess had food that was filling, appealing and plentiful, the secret of a successful party. The leftovers were distributed when guests were leaving. 

By then I had been properly trained, and she knew I could make falafel, cut vegetables for each dish be it a salad or to dip in hummus.  We had some fresh pita and some was roasted in the oven and served warm and a bit spicy and crispy.

Finally, for desert, we had baklava and good “Turkish” coffee. So I went to her house the day before, because some salads had to marinate. I slept over and the next morning, we were cooking up a storm.  We started by making the hummus and then the falafel and all the salads. Yes, my vegetables were cut in small pieces, my garlic properly crushed and the parsley chopped finely. Onions were marinated that same day with a bit of salt and lemon juice. For the falafels, the tomatoes were sliced paper thin, so were the cucumbers. We made a cabbage salad the night before because the cabbage and onions had to marinate in the lemon and olive oil overnight for flavor and texture. It was flavored with garlic (roasted and raw) and various spices and herbs. Taste and presentation were so important and the pride of all women because we liked to show off our culinary skills, To our mind, hospitality is central to the tradition. Coffee and baklava was to be served last.

Two tables were set up, one on which to play cards, and the other as a buffet that included the all the various salads, falafel, hummus, tzatziki with pita bread and the seasoned crispy pita.  The buffet was dairy and kosher hence, there was no meat so everyone could eat and enjoy. No wine or alcohol was served because a few Muslim women were coming over. They would eat kosher food, but no alcohol.  Cultural etiquette demanded that all guest were to be respected be it dietary needs or religiously. Muslim women were as respectful when their turn came and so were Greek Orthodox women. When they invited Jewish women they went out and bought serving dishes in foil and thick paper plates, to respect dietary kosher law.  The cups for coffee were in fine porcelain to serve the coffee or tea. 

The women came in and introduced themselves; one woman came from Alexandria and was a descendant of Alexander the Great, and she was Greek Orthodox.  Another woman from Yemen was Muslim and a descendant of the Prophet. Yet another Muslim woman was from Iraq. My friend was originally from Yemen was Jewish and had moved to Israel.  As for me, I was born in Canada, Irish and French origins and brought up Catholic.  Religion was a plus and not a problem.
Culture and tradition united the women and the food was known and loved by all, as the hostess made sure that each person had a special dish, such as tzatziki for the woman from Greece and the soft pita.  Hummus, falafel and salads everyone loved. Baklava was Greek and Turkish in origin but all knew it and loved it. Some was flavored with orange water, others with rose water, and honey syrup was used in both cases. The coffee was interesting as I was told the following: Turkish coffee was served to Jewish women, Greek coffee to the woman who was Greek and Arabic coffee to our guests from Yemen and Iraq. Each coffee is similar, but prepared a bit differently due to the technique of boiling and sweetening and the serving.  As a Canadian, I could not see the difference and wondered, "Why so much fuss? Make drip coffee."  My friend told me, "No we do not drink American coffee when we get together, you know that we need to have good coffee." She then explained it is out of respect for the women - Greece had been attacked by the Turks, and they had a war with the Arabs. The Arabs were defeated by the Turks and the Greeks. but Jews had been well treated by the Turks during the period of the Ottoman Empire. 

If you have a friend that is Armenian, serve them Arabic Coffee as they were invaded by both the Turks and the Greeks. So much to remember and to think of when inviting people.  Mediterranean culture is complex and diverse, and it seemed to me that women had found a way to get along and be friends based on respect for each other and knowing one another’s history. Food well prepared, served, and prepared with lots of love and caring, was the solution.  A bit too much caring when it came to eating made these card games interesting and very festive.

Women were great at offering food; actually food was not only offered but pushed on the guest. Have this dish, "You did not eat," and, "You do not like the food," was repeated by every hostess. "Do not be shy, eat, come on you have to eat, try this dish. I made it for you.  Let me make you something you like. Eat, come eat, you are not eating enough."  

If my plate was not full enough, one of the women would add more food. Now, if I happened to say I liked a specific dish, she would go and make some for me and would make sure I had enough for a whole week. At times food fights verbal fights would go on until the guest was so full we would need to go out for a long walk and fast for the rest of the day.  Some women gave me fantastic advice: When you come to an event or card game, do not eat breakfast and you will not to have supper, just enjoy the food. 

Culturally, I found out that to be polite in some groups like in Tunisia or some parts of Iraq, you had to refuse three times before you accepted food. In Egypt, Yemen, and other countries, you had to have seconds and even a third portion to be polite. 

Etiquette and cultural knowledge is what binds women together - it is their strength. Food matters as it is part of hospitality, The saints that women go and pray to in order to ask favors also matter.  Saints were saints they could be Jewish, Christian or Muslim as each saint had a specific role to play in the life of women.