Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ALL men MUST stop telling women how to dress

2017 -- Men make us (women) focus on the infamous hijab, meanwhile they impose their dress code on European, American and Canadian women for years.  Women are not free to dress as they please. Men have gotten away with telling women how to dress for centuries all over the world cover your head uncover your head --- cover your breast even in breast feeding uncover them on the beach --- bikini a yes burkini forbidden --- flats not allowed wear a dress wear high heels that is the law… Who gave men the mandate to tell women how to dress? As women, should we not know the stupid laws re dress code… here are some 2017 Women in the UK must wear a 2 to 4 inch high heel if they do not comply they were sent home without pay...  one woman challenged this law you read it right LAW and now Parliament said it is illegal to impose the 2 inch heel https://www.forbes.com/sites/dinamedland/2017/01/25/high-heels-and-workplace-dress-codes-urgent-action-needed-say-u-k-mps/#46c422527731 ...
The history of heels associated with witchcraft  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_heel_policy

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Will he answer or will I get an acknowledgement only....

LETTER I SENT TO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU RE; HIS ANSWERING IN FRENCH A QUESTION ASKED IN ENGLISH IN QUEBEC......I wonder if I will get an answer or just an acknowledgement that it was received...
I AM WRITING TO YOU IN ENGLISH from the province of Quebec to remind you that Canada has TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French and English. As Prime Minister, you should know if a question is asked in English or French it is proper and expected that you answer in the language of the person who asked the question. If a person asks in French in another province a person answer in French as Canada is BILINGUAL, you are creating A DIVISION THAT IS Quebec province and Canada COUNTRY. BTW Quebec is NOT A NATION Quebec is a province.
Please do not say the language law of Quebec is law in Quebec and you want to respect the politicking of Quebec. Let us not forget that this language law was defeated at the United Nation for being narrow-minded and unconstitutional. It was also shown to be unconstitutional in Canada Hence Quebec DOES NOT RESPECT THE LAW.
CANADA has TWO official languages NOT ONE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Oil companies work hand in hand with governments to destroy the earth.  The objective short term is to make money and provide some jobs to people. 
It is being done all over the world since the 19th and the industrial revolution which is linked to:  the invention of motorized cars, buses, boats and big industry.  The Ottoman empire fell and was baptized “Near East (UK)” or “Middle East (USA)”. Pumping oil creates a void in the earth and pollutes the air through exhaust fumes.  Money became central and not the earth or ecology.   No one asked to protect the earth or its natural resources.  The “Near East” has been one of the most colonized areas in the world starting with the ancient Romans and then the neo-Romans.  The roman ideology is the make the world roman and to destroy the earth as they killed, pillaged burned and destroyed everything in their path. 
World leaders who are or have been colonized by European Spanish, French and British have been educated in Romans ways where: war is the way to solve a solution, abusing women is the norm, destroying the earth is their duty as they think they have dominion over the earth and all that inhabit the earth. These colonizers and neo-colonizers want total obedience as they do not think of the consequences and hence the result is an ailing earth that is polluted which includes the sky, the earth itself and the waters. 
I am starting a campaign to make people of Canada and the USA aware of the problem, we can contest as Sioux of North Dakota did and do to stop oil business from ruining the land and water. President Obama did stop the permits however a new era is upon us the era of Trump who thinks green greenback that is money was his theme song and people worry with just cause. In BC people want to stop the pipeline and the current Trudeau government that promised to go Green is now allowing the pipeline and selling the idea as the money will be used to go GREEN.  He also promised to reconcile with the First Nations and to listen to them. He has gone green as in the American greenback which is money matters more than clean water and people.  Since these oil companies who are backed by governments are polluting the waterways on many levels and then people do not have drinking water. 
I urge everyone to use these words and offer your congressman your president prime minister and oil moguls a glass of oil A CHAMPAGNE FLUTE AND OFFER THEM A GLASS OF OIL TO DRINK…. 

Marie Antoinette told the peasant who said they had no bread to eat cake she lost her head .... well let us tell the government and the oil moguls who lost their heads because they are polluting the water hence killing us all: 

                        TO DRINK OIL
               YES LET THEM DRINK OIL 

Sunday, November 13, 2016


My latest poem that depicts feelings of anger on both sides

ARAB SPRING/AMERICAN FALL by Celine Leduc Nov. 13/16

Bad government -- bad leaders
Corruption – rigging – media
Women’s rights --- isolationist
Abortion --- religion of politics
Politics in religion – superiority of race
“Make America Great Again” explodes

The Arab Spring was coined
As a buzz word --- for the revolt
The ousting out of presidents
First in Tunisia then in Egypt
The murder in Libya heads rolled
All leaders fell except in Syria.

In the fall in November protests
Is in full swing their objective:
They want him to FALL
Violence erupts people are hurt
Hot tempers lite up fires.

Springs is all about renewal
Fall is all about death
The fall of the American Dream
The fall of the Melting Pot
Violence erupts death follows
As tempers explode society implodes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


HINENI --- Here I Am by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon

“Here I am,” Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis would say she was a spiritual and mystical person calling people back to Judaism, touching soul with her unconditional love.  She has passed away, has left this world, but she is still alive in my heart, in my soul. 
Condolences to her family, friends and followers. I would like to share with you how I met Rebbetzin Jungreis, the meaning of her blessing, and the impact she had on my life. I am not Jewish; however, my ancestors were Jewish before they converted Christianity (Catholicism) over 500 years ago (1492). Due to the downfall of Andalusia (Spain), they chose life as Christians moved to Rouen, France, and then to Canada. 


She saw both the physical Holocaust of Jews that occurred in Germany, and the spiritual holocaust when she landed in New York as she saw that people had lost their Jewish spirituality. She had seen the physical horrors and death in a Concentration Camp.  She would say: “Hineni.” Here I am, to awaken the Jewish soul, the lost spirituality of Judaism.  She did bless and touch so many hearts to reawaken the spirit that would bring you HOME. 

I heard her speak in Montreal a few years ago as she was promoting her latest book.  In her speech, she spoke of her experience in a Concentration Camp.   A heckler had started saying, “How can you believe in God after such horror?”  I was sitting in the audience and my spirit was moved, so I told  the man off and told him to listen with his heart and stay quiet before Rebbetzin Jungreis had a chance to answer.  Hence started a wonderful friendship.  After the conference, I bought her book which she signed and gave me a blessing and thanked me.   I was touched.

The next day, we went out visiting Montreal and we talked about life.  I told her I felt ashamed and felt so bad as I had made so many mistakes in my life.  She asked me, “Do you know the story of my ancestor, David? He made so many mistakes. You can read about them in the Torah.”  I knew the story of David, knew intellectually about how he was forgiven; but she gave me a new way of seeing things from the spiritual lens. He made mistakes, but also mended his ways.  He asked for forgiveness and was forgiven because his heart was pure and his mistakes were part of his learning path.  The lesson of David is all about life’s challenges, how we handle them, what lessons we learn, and how we can correct some others. We can also be part of the lesson to think and grow spiritually. 


She knew I was not Jewish as I had told her.  After I had been with her for more than a week spiritually, I had a spiritual awakening. She would sit with me/ She was a palpable vision her spirit was there at breakfast and we would chat, spirit-to-spirit.  She loved stories about cats and wrote about one the cat that was at the King David Hotel in Tel Aviv and got adopted by a woman. She told the cat that she would be back as she had to go to Jerusalem or Haifa for the day.  She put a ribbon or collar around the neck of the kitten, gave him enough food, and left.  Once she arrived at her destination she was amazed and surprised to see her kitten waiting for her.  How did the cat get there before she had? It was the same kitten with the same collar and markings he answered to is name.  I know this story is real as she did sit and have breakfast with me spiritually. Yes I could feel her love and kindness and oneness with the universe and her blessing. 

She went back to New York and gave me her contact information. I would call her on a regular basis and listen to her radio broadcasts.  One day I called and spoke with her about the fact my family on both sides had once been Jewish, in Andalusia which became Spain.  Jews and Muslims were friends then and worked together for the betterment of society.  She asked me, “How did you find out you had Jewish ancestry?”  I told her it was because of prejudice. My aunts were always telling me to stop being so Jewish when I questioned too much.  It was because of the family secret: an egg pie that had originated in Andalusia and was a family secret. It was about my family name, Leduc which was a derogatory name given to Jewish converts. It meant that we thought we were royalty, something my aunts would remind me of, until I read “Les Juifs” by Roger Peyrefitte, and discovered my family name was there.  My aunt, the historian of the family and a nun, refused to believe me, in 1967. In the late 1990s just a few years before her death and after she had gone to a family gathering of all the Leduc’s in Rouen, she could not find any tombstone prior to the 1500 bearing the name Leduc.  I mention to my aunt I had proof our family name was Duce or e-Duce in Toledo, and she said, “We were like Jesus, a Jew.” After I met the Rebbetzin, someone told me we had come from Toledo which confirmed my lineage and what Peyrefitte had theorized.  My mother’s family name was Foisy, also Freedman in English. The family was also from Andalusia and had been named after a river, another clue to their Jewish origins.  She told me that in order for me to be recognized as a Jew, I would have to convert and she suggested I do a DNA test to show that many Jews were converts or that their identity was hidden and their origins were denied as being Jewish in the family tree. 


Here I am and thanks to the Rebbetzin, I will write about the lesson I learned from our numerous talks. She never tired of my calling, always smiling, listening, and giving me a blessing.  The winds of another Holocaust is on the horizon. This time it involves racism and xenophobia in Europe with the hatred being focused on Muslims; yet Jews will be blamed for the religious war that is in the imagination of the elitists and intellectuals of Europe.  These intellectuals and haters are using religion as a weapon.  Up until colonization, Jews and Muslims lived side by side as descendants of Abraham according to the Torah, or Hebrew Bible. Isaac and Ishmael did make up, stopped the sibling rivalry, made peace, and lived side by side as the fathers of two great Nation.  Isaac and Ishmael are the antithesis of Cain who killed Abel. In Europe, due to perception and faulty teachings, they see it as a war of religion: they want Jews to forget that they were once cousins with Muslims. Today, some Jews and Muslims are very political, because of European politics. Politics and nationalism have to do with ideologies and not spirituality.  The political ideas of the “Final Solution” are still alive, and have been exported by Europeans to the Levant.  Israel is, thank God, the refuge of Jews. Yet those dark clouds in European politics are blinding, as they use religion as a weapon.  My ancestors lived in Andalusia. We lived freely under the Moors and prospered. Our lives were threatened by the forces of Isabella and Ferdinand. My ancestors did not want to die, so they converted by the sword and migrated to Rouen, France hence to Canada.  To avoid another Holocaust that will affect the lives of Muslims, Jews, Roma people, homosexuals and those with a physical handicap, we need to unite and stop the advancing troops of hate.  Here, I am calling on all those spirits from Andalusia and all those who died in the Holocaust to come and stop the madness.  Let us awaken our spirit by uniting and telling hate mongers to stop, as they not only want to destroy Jews, but Israel and the whole of the Levant and North Africa because of their greed and lust for power.  They want to kill Jews, Muslims, Christians, Yezidi, all living beings and wipe out history.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis spoke of two holocausts: one physical and one spiritual. Jews were scapegoated in Europe many times. Now they are again becoming the target and being used to cause a rift with Muslims.  Yes, there is a war that is political and not religious going on. That war is being fueled by hate mongers who lust over land and oil. They favor one side as the victim and demonize the other. However, they hate both, believing one killed Jesus and the other is the devil incarnate. This is the elitist mindset.    I remember Andalusia and my love of life of being Jewish and my being friends with Muslims, and I remember the Holocaust.
Rebbetzin Jungreis spoke of unconditional love and lived it. She was open to everyone. She awoke the spirit in each of us regardless of our religious affiliations.  Here I am, Rebbetzin Jungreis. I am ready to do what needs to be done to stop the dark clouds of war to stop the hate…  No more holocausts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the question on everyone;s lips

TWO HIJABI WOMEN AND THE REPORTERS by Celine Leduc August 24, 2016
inspired by Chana Miriam Opert

Journalists flocked the two HIJABI winners
The athletes who won MEDALS at the Rio Olympics
Cameras click --- They are PORTS HEROES!
The questions everyone want to know.

The burkini IS front page news
European men and women know
Burkini is a symbol of Islamic submission
These women are not FREE

Women WE LOVE it is for their own good
WE want them free YET what about Yezidi
You prove: Muslim men ARE evil barbarian men
YET you are deaf blind and mute re Yezidi
LOVE women you DO NOT

Nigeria pleads “Bring back our Girls”
You talk Burkini hijab niqab
You pity the poor oppressed Muslim women
Yet you bully them to submit to your will.
IS THAT LOVE (of women)?

You claim you want to free Muslim women
You forcibly enforce and impose your laws
Make it legal so I can bully legally
Do nothing too free those kidnapped

Bring BACK OUR GIRLS in Nigeria
Yet you ask SPORTS HEROS what’s on everyone’s mind and lips:

Friday, August 5, 2016


YEZIDI by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Never heard of them prior to 2014
Never knew they existed
Yezidi existed prior to 2014.

Lived in LIMBO in the obscure
In an alternate reality
Where all is obscure

Shadows yes they are shadows
Reviled and defiled by zealots
Who propagate hate based on lies.

Yezidi in Iraq were well known
The Daesh knew they existed
Their lineage is pre- Adam

The People of “monotheism”
Claim they are of a different lineage
One Earth one Adam one God

One sun --- children of the Sun
One Adam --- One earth
One God one Yezidi People.

To know Yezidi exist
To bring their story to light
Out of the shadow they shine.

 GENOCIDE by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Images of invaders well-armed
Mercenaries or soldiers invade
Lust over land and women.
Women children are victims.

Genocide the extermination
The execution termination
End of a people overtaken
By brutal force is a genocide.

Another type of genocide
One that is created by neglect
Their story is untold unrecorded
A people without a history

A people with a story of Creation
A people with no wars, no invasion
A people targeted for they hold a truth
A secret so bold they are Eden.

Mercenaries are ruthless
They rape, sodomize enslave
They want to destroy Eden
Call the heathen as they kill

Their blood soaks the earth
Tears of blood are shed
Shed by those who know truth.
Speak up and loud remember

Remember the slain
Remember the genocide
They are not Heathen
They are a reminder of Eden.