Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little "White" Lies except from the book

All poems have copyrights February 2013

Author Celine Leduc   a.k.a.  Selene Y

The devil is White!  You are a liar,
Teachers and priest told children:
The devil is RED! The devil is YELLOW!
The devil is BROWN! The devil is BLACK!
Priest would not lie!
They know the devil is colorful. 
Priests told us: GOD was “White”
History records the deeds of “Whiteman” made God!
They sit in judgment yet killed Redskin Men
Rape and sodomize all women to steal the land
They Shanghaied Yellow skin men to work on the railway!
They bought and sold Black men and women
Enslaved them to be sharecroppers
To plant and pick cotton and sugar cane!
They kidnapped Brown skin to serve
Sweet tea and cakes
Oh! The sweet life of the “white” Godlike!
As Gods they rape, sodomize, enslave, judge and kill
I was thought it was the Devil was colorful and evil.
Based on their deeds and not their words
The Devil is “white” and so is his wife
Why his wife?  She benefited and said nothing. Injustice!

A new family moved in the neighborhood
A few houses over the highway and above the tracks
She teaches piano, he a concert pianist.
They have a son my age.  We play, as friends we always win.  

My mother does not mind, my father does.
He tells me “Do not play with him, he will cause trouble.”
How so?  We always win at games, have fun and never fight. 
We know each other and trust one another.

My friend is chased away, I disobey run behind him.
I am angry, I see red.  I complain, rant and rave about the injustice.
She gives me a big hug and calmly says:  “You are right!”
She adds:   “but, you have to respect your dad’s wishes!”

Still fuming and with tears in my eyes. Hand in hand she walks me home,
Making sure I would not be scolded.
She takes responsibility, saying:  “I came to speak to your daughter.”
My son told me she was angry because my son is not welcomed in your house.

Never saw him after that, why was he trouble.
Was it language he spoke English?  My mom was Irish spoke English.
Was it religion we were Catholic. We went to the same church.
Then what could it be?   He is Black and I am White. 



    I want to be a poetry
    A tale, a story,
    A legend.
    I want to resume in few words
    A duel, a battle,
    A war.

    I want to arise from the dead
    In order to fight
    To your glory.
    Walls of Troy can´t separate us
    Not even Zeus,
    Nor Poseidon either.

    I defied them for you,
    I lost myself, for you,
    In holocaust I offer my body:
    My love and sweet Helena.

    *By: Agamenon Troyan
    This is a translated excerpt of my poem & short tales book (O Anjo e a Tempestade) aka (The Angel and the Storm)

  2. Thank you for the absolutely wonderful poem thank you keep on writing