Friday, March 8, 2013

Two new books on the way.   One book


A philosophical and practical look at widows from various perspective from a religious lens,  in the Bible, Qur'an, in ancient history and modern history.   Women who have made a difference, who are making a difference and will make a difference.  The stories are inspirational and based in truth, they offer a woman's perspective to an age old problem, why do women  at times outlive men?  What are the laws in Biblical times and how are they interpreted in society?  Here are some some whose lives inspired me, you may have your own stories:  Bible:  Tamar,  Ruth and Naomi,  Qur'an: Khadija and the Mothers of the Believers.   Ancient History: Zainab and Zubaida  two sisters.  History: Marguerite Bourgeois  Modern History:  Jehan El-Sadat, Leah Rabin, Ada Aharoni, Mary Kay and  the Mama Zimbi widows to name a few widows. 

Objective to  help raise money and awareness for the Mama Zimbi Foundation part of the sales profit will go for the Widows. Here is one poem 


Widowhood is not a curse, ladies
Widowhood is ordained by God
Bible and Qur’an teaches about widows

Tamar in the Bible married twice.
Tamar was widowed twice.
God had a plan for Tamar.   

Khadija was a widow married twice.
Her second husband was young Mohammed
Allah had a plan for Khadija. 

Zainab and Zubaida two sisters
Two sisters bound by widowhood.
God had a plan for Zainab and Zubaida.

Leah Rabin and Jehan El-Sadat widows
Their husbands sought peace, they were killed.
Jehan and Leah had no fear, God had a plan.

Widowhood is not a curse.
Widowhood is ordained by God
God has a plan for all widows, have faith. 

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