Friday, April 5, 2013

Karihwanoron on YouTube

Part of the profits from the sales of Little “White” Lies   goes   to the KARIHWANORON MOHAWK IMMERSION SCHOOL.    Language is very important it is about identify and the passing down of culture and history.   If we are living in Canada or the US we are more than likely immigrants from Europe, we left our past behind, sadly some of our ancestors were unkind and mean to First Nation People.  They were also cruel to people from Africa as they were unwilling immigrants.   Read about the legacy of the Residential schools, and how Africans lost their language.    We cannot change the past but we can help change our present and the future of a child.   Please watch, make a donation directly to the school and buy a book.  Thank you!

You can buy the book  Little "White"  Lies eBook  at  


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