Friday, August 5, 2016


YEZIDI by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Never heard of them prior to 2014
Never knew they existed
Yezidi existed prior to 2014.

Lived in LIMBO in the obscure
In an alternate reality
Where all is obscure

Shadows yes they are shadows
Reviled and defiled by zealots
Who propagate hate based on lies.

Yezidi in Iraq were well known
The Daesh knew they existed
Their lineage is pre- Adam

The People of “monotheism”
Claim they are of a different lineage
One Earth one Adam one God

One sun --- children of the Sun
One Adam --- One earth
One God one Yezidi People.

To know Yezidi exist
To bring their story to light
Out of the shadow they shine.

 GENOCIDE by Celine Leduc August 2 2016

Images of invaders well-armed
Mercenaries or soldiers invade
Lust over land and women.
Women children are victims.

Genocide the extermination
The execution termination
End of a people overtaken
By brutal force is a genocide.

Another type of genocide
One that is created by neglect
Their story is untold unrecorded
A people without a history

A people with a story of Creation
A people with no wars, no invasion
A people targeted for they hold a truth
A secret so bold they are Eden.

Mercenaries are ruthless
They rape, sodomize enslave
They want to destroy Eden
Call the heathen as they kill

Their blood soaks the earth
Tears of blood are shed
Shed by those who know truth.
Speak up and loud remember

Remember the slain
Remember the genocide
They are not Heathen
They are a reminder of Eden.

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