Thursday, January 19, 2017

Will he answer or will I get an acknowledgement only....

LETTER I SENT TO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU RE; HIS ANSWERING IN FRENCH A QUESTION ASKED IN ENGLISH IN QUEBEC......I wonder if I will get an answer or just an acknowledgement that it was received...
I AM WRITING TO YOU IN ENGLISH from the province of Quebec to remind you that Canada has TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French and English. As Prime Minister, you should know if a question is asked in English or French it is proper and expected that you answer in the language of the person who asked the question. If a person asks in French in another province a person answer in French as Canada is BILINGUAL, you are creating A DIVISION THAT IS Quebec province and Canada COUNTRY. BTW Quebec is NOT A NATION Quebec is a province.
Please do not say the language law of Quebec is law in Quebec and you want to respect the politicking of Quebec. Let us not forget that this language law was defeated at the United Nation for being narrow-minded and unconstitutional. It was also shown to be unconstitutional in Canada Hence Quebec DOES NOT RESPECT THE LAW.
CANADA has TWO official languages NOT ONE.

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