Monday, March 16, 2015

Made possible because of Eve Celine Leduc 02/2015

It is all about Eve and the original sin.
A choice was given her in Eden
Two trees one for eternal life
The other for knowledge: Good and Evil.
Eve knew she was mortal
She chose wisely knowledge.
She was curious, challenged authority.

Disobeying and curiosity are not sins.
Where would we be if Miriam obeyed?
If Pharaoh’s daughter obeyed.  No Moses.
Harriet Tubman the Black Moses
She too disobeyed, she too saved lives
Because of the Underground Railroad.
She knew good and evil because of Eve.

Sojourner Truth preached about women.
A former slave an abolitionist.
She knew firsthand the evils of slavery.
She knew the good of freedom.
She ministered by preaching the Bible
Wrote “Ain’t I a woman”
Thank you Eve, you ate the fruit. 

Rosa Park disobeyed as she sat.
Jailed she was for her disobedience.
Sparked a movement to abolish Crowe.
Men listened to her and followed her.
As Abraham was told by the Lord.
Listen to your wife Sarah.
Sarah and Rosa disobeyed man not the Lord.

Eve was curious, she disobeyed
She had free will did not obey blindly
Be it man or snake … she wanted to know
Make up her mind, on her own.
She wanted knowledge and wisdom.
Learning by trial and error gives wisdom.
So she could pass it on to her children. 

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