Friday, November 28, 2014


Islam BEHEADED  by Celine Leduc November 2014 

Collectively we are made to think so, why?
The media tells us so, as they focus on IS
The Islamic State is at war first with Islam
Then Christianity and Judaism. 
IS at war with God or Allah and His peace!

Out of al-Qaida they came enraged.
They use Allah’s name for justice
Believers they say: fight injustice
They use the name of Allah in vain
Because the IS leaders are vain.

The leaders have lost their heads
They are at war with the infidels
They consider to be animals
They go and slaughter humans
Get notoriety as they behead

The first victim is the kidnapped one
The one slaughtered, beheaded
His government refused to pay
The blood money demanded.
His head cut off --- his blood spilt!

The second victim is all of us
Our pain manifest in anger/outrage
We are enraged at such inhumanity
At such barbaric acts that defies God
IS defiles the name of God/Allah.

Muslims who live in peace suffer
They are sandwiched by prejudice
The actions of IS and the media focus
Let us not lose our head to anger
Let us unite and remain at PEACE.

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