Monday, November 17, 2014

I and the other How "I" I perceive myself and how the "Other" responds

Taking a run

Confusing issues is my sport.
Comment out of sort
Unable to justify
Like a coward I run…
Run fearing truth
Run from truth.
Run, run, run
In a circle of lies

One Man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter  Celine Leduc November 18 2014

I scream loud and clear I am a feminist
I tell everyone I am a pacifist
I am totally politically correct
Even when facts are incorrect
I am neutral … I am perfect
Yet, I am biased --- imperfect
As I go by my father’s words:
One man’s terrorist is another man’s Freedom fighter.
A feminist is not a follower of father. 
A feminist questions and finds facts. 
A feminist and woman know terrorist or fighter fight
Not for rights but to be right.

I am a Shiksa!

I am a Shiksa!
I know what you think of me!
You do not say it but think it.
I know all about you.
I know what you value.
I know many like you
You are one of them….

You look at me with wandering eyes
Shifty eyes that reveals who you are.
Never thought you were a Shiksa
I thought you were my friend
Makes me wonder what you think of me!
Do you know, friends I value
Racist I abhor! Go for a run never come back!

all rights reserved November 18 2014

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