Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Remembrance Day! By Celine Leduc November 11, 2014

He enlists in the Army to Navy
He is a pilot or a foot soldier.
He is there for his country
To defend and protect his land
From a modern day Cain! 

Cain attacks wants to expand
He is not his brother’s keeper
He is the keeper of a war ideology.
His leaders fabricate an enemy.
All they want is the booty.

Attacked able young men enlist
To defend his land: His country!
All the while knowing the end
The earth will drink the blood
Of the fallen or of the wounded.

The Earth does not discern
Does not choose a side
She does not have borders
She is one and whole
Children of the earth must be whole.

War divides, maims and destroys.
War hurts the body
War destroys the soul
War is hell for all!
Remember Earth was Eden!

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