Tuesday, July 14, 2015


How can I trust the media mainstream media when Mohawks are made to be guilty for the death of Corporal Marcel Lemay?  The journalists were at the Inquest into the death of Marcel Lemay and NO CHARGES were brought against Mohawks.  There was no conclusive proof because evidence was tampered with, when trees were chopped down.  There was no autopsy report that told us who shot the bullet, no one knows.   In all honesty no one know who shot the Corporal.  His death was tragic.  A life was lost.  However, today another loss is felt that is the loss of truth.
Journalists are burying the truth under a mountain of false information and cultural perception. Because it is assumed that Mohawks are guilty.  Some have interviewed the sister of Corporal Marcel Lemay who said she forgave and was working towards peace.  Who did she forgive? No one knows who shot the fatal bullet.  I cannot forgive nor forget the media for making up stories, for implying the Mohawks are guilty.  They had the Inquest report and they saw or read that there was NO CHARGES against Mohawks, because of lack of proof.  Yet, journalists imply the Mohawks were guilty.  

Journalists are there to inform to help us understand our world in an honest fashion.  Journalists use facts and should be able to make the difference between malicious gossips, urban legends, and cultural assumption their role is to differentiate between lies and truth. Journalists are human and are subject to cultural biases and systemic racism.  This racism is part of a larger problem that is colonialism and a colonialist mentality.    Journalists are still playing cowboy and Indians or calling the cavalry heroes, those who murdered First Nation are heroes.  Bridges, lakes, cities, streets, schools are named after them.  It is the same as naming a building or street after a Confederate hero.  It would be the same as if we named a school Hitler or Mengele.  People will object to a school being named after Hitler but they are happy to name a lake after Champlain. 
As a child because I was the only girl playing with boys’ cowboy and Indian, the boys were the cowboys and I was always the Indian.   I was outnumbered 3 or 4 boys against one girl. Girls are supposed to be weaker than and not as good t strategy as boys.  Yet, I could outwit, outsmart, overcome and win.  Well, they were always surprised to see that I won.  Maybe this why I can empathize with First Nation and see them as winners.  I am comfortable being a woman as I know I have power over myself and my actions. 

Truth will set us free as lies shackle us and tie us down.  Lies create enemies perpetuate division and creates enemies.  By telling the truth we clear up the way to have an honest open discussion with each other.  I listen to you, hear your pain, feel your pain and empathize with you.  I do not see you as a victim in need of my help as I am no hero and do not have any solutions. By talking, discussing and being honest with each other we can find solutions. Because, we are equal yet different but equal nonetheless.  By sharing our knowledge, our concerns and our solutions we will be able as Canadians to be free. 

We came here seeking freedom and a new life, because back in France or England or Spain the water was polluted. Life expectancy was short.  Houses were built side by side.  When Cartier first landed he remarked there was chateau, no forts, no houses, no cities:  the area he called virgin land and uncivilized.   After Cartier came Champlain de Maisonneuve and the French aristocracy and peasants.  A feudal system was put in place and these men decided to civilize this part of the world, which they called India hence Indian. 

India was where they came landed.  Yes, they were sure they had landed in India it took a few hundred years to realize it was a new world.   Yet the word Indian still persists to be used.  We as Canadians never bothered to ask the people what their names were. We stole their identity. Just like we did to Jews, we took their religious book their Bible and then used it to gain control of the world by converting people.  They came with the cross (missionaries) accompanied by guns (the army) preached the Bible and stole the land a Native friend told me.  These preacher men wanted the people to be created in their image or what they perceived as such, so they appropriated people called them My Indians.

First Nation were appropriated by being renamed.  We speaking French could not pronounce Wendate so we called them Huron, Kanien’kehá:ka impossible to pronounce let us call them Mohawks or Iroquois. Let us say they are blood thirsty because women are leaders.  Truth be told they are the “people of the flint”.   Women were leaders.  This mentality still persists in Canada that Mohawks are killers, this is a lie.  No one knows which bullet killed Corporal Lemay no autopsy no evidence as proof was destroyed by the police.  The SQ chopped down trees destroyed evidence.  

In 1990 I started by reporting for CKUT the Inquest into the death of Marcel Lemay.  I had a radio show for ten years, as a result, Twisting Tongue. 25 years later I have a blog and I write about my own experiences with First Nation people, my own unvarnished truth.  I do not whitewash truth not do I distort facts.   Truth and reconciliation will be a reality when we as Canadians in all provinces stop lying and start telling the truth. 

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