Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two poems to honor the tragedy and genocide the Yezidi community faced on August 3, 2014

Dedicated to all Yezidi people 

CYRUS the LION by Celine Leduc   August 4, 2015

Media gave Cyrus first page
He was the lead story for many
Cyrus is the poster boy
For animal cruelty.
Anger, outrage is heard.

Get the murderer!
Arrest him!, issue a warrant!
Bring him to trial!
Fine him, jail him, or kill him!
He is a murderer!.

We are told the name of the man
We know he is a dentist
We know he is American
We know where he lives
We know he is a criminal

He killed Cyrus; it was illegal
He did not have a permit
To shoot to kill.
All he needed was a permit
To make it legal.

I ask you? Where is your outrage?
Where is your rage?
For those nameless women
For those nameless young girls
Those kidnapped sold and raped?

Why do we not know one name?
Why are they not Poster women?
Why no young poster girl?
THEY ARE YEZIDI They have a name!
They matter more than Cyrus!

Yezidi women are human beings
They are mothers or daughters!
They are in need of justice
Arrest the perps, put them on trial.
A human life matters.

This poem is dedicated to my good friend Jemal he and I share a birthday both born on August 3 
MY BIRTHDAY WISH by Celine Leduc August 4, 2015  

Dessert is served! A Birthday cake!
Candles light up my cake.
Make a Wish… do not say it out loud!
Keep it a secret, not to jinx it!

August 3 is my birthday
Life and death dance this year.
A celebration of my birth my life
A day of mourning for the Yezidi.

August 3, 2014 was the first day
Of their genocide at the hands ISIS
ISIS, is an acronym and not Egyptian Isis
Who made sure dismembered Osiris was whole?

ISIS the acronym dismembers Yezidi!
They kill Yezidi men violate women
ISIS is the nemesis of Isis
ISIS is the antithesis of woman.

Isis gave life ISIS brings death.
Isis loves men ISIS hates men.
Isis is linked to daybreak ISIS to darkness.
Isis brings light ISIS blows out light.

Before blowing out the candles on my cake
I make a wish that I do not want to keep secret!
My wish is to shed light as silence kills Yezidi!
I say it out loud: May YEZIDI massacre STOP. NOW!

May all those who are alive
Come back home, safe and sound.
May their return light up the community.
May they be made whole again! 

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