Monday, August 24, 2015


SHOT GUN WEDDING by Celine Leduc August 2015  edited by Norman Simon 

A man forced to take responsibility,
A woman impregnated by the man;

He lusted for her,
She lusted for him;

He knows her in the biblical way,
She knows him carnally;

He blames her for his fall,
She reminds him, "You wanted me;"

He says I wanted you but not the child,
Is he not responsible for the child?

They lusted after each other,
Yet never really knew each other;

Friends they were not,

Friends they never will be;

A shot gun unites them,

Sadly not their LOVE child.

JUMPING THE BROOM   by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon 

Parents speak to each other

A couple wants to be one;

Characters matters,
Similarity is needed;

Complement each other,
Her strength, his weakness;

His strength a student, he is,
He learns from her and she from him;

They are different, yes,
But so similar as each knows the other;

Friends, they become, best, they are,
First criteria they do not jump the gun;

Lust comes, lust goes

Friendship lasts forever.

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