Sunday, August 23, 2015


MORNING COMES by Celine Leduc August 2015 edited by Norman Simon 

Morning rises, the first ray of sun.
The golden rays break at dusk;

Mourning rises with death
When my heart is but darkness;

Morning, the first light so bright,
A pageantry of colors dance;

Mourning, all colors left at dusk,
My heart is but night, without light;

Memories, of one shot – it is dark,
My heart no longer shines – mourning;

Your body in my arms --- lifeless
Cold invades my soul --- mourning;

Memories of your smile – so bright,
My heart rejoices --- morning.

Your body in my arms --- LIFE
Warmth is in my soul --- morning;

In the cold of night I mourn
Alone in darkness, I am blind;

My eyes can see a shining star,
Reminds me of your smile;

Oh! My shining star, guide me to you,
Show me my way home into your arms;

Your golden smile in the morning,

In your arms it is forever day!

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