Friday, August 21, 2015


EMPATHY by Celine Leduc August 2015

My friend told me
“Feel my pain.”

I ask:

She answers:  
“It is about EMPATHY”

I retort:
“Too much bother.”

She quips:
“Why? Do I not matter?”

I state:
“It is not pleasant!”

She retorts:              
“It is ok to distort?”

I jibe:
“Truth I want to hide.”

She asks:
“Why? Why hide.”

I joke:
““Cause I’m white.”

She banters:
“You whitewash truth.”

I shrug
“Yep, makes me pure “WHITE””

She smiles and gives me a HUG
I smile back and hug her back.

I feel her pain: EMPATHY
She feels my pain: EMPATHY

Thank you Norman Simon for editing

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