Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to Selene Dreams

For the book you can submit a short piece 250-500 words (one page maximum 2 pages) a poem, an opinion piece a solution etc…
Each book will have a maximum of 50 pages which includes introduction, table of contents, forward and back pages, acknowledgement etc..
A person can submit up to 3 poems or short articles… maximum of 10 writers will be chosen for each book… if there are more submissions then a second book will be written on the same theme to give the chance to as many writers to be heard… pieces will be selected according to originality, diversity of opinion….

Every piece must be submitted one or two weeks prior to the event as the books will be offered to those who attend the event…

The themes are:

1. Poverty --- food the need of food banks a follow up from the NDG Food Bank event, Food for thought (Food and Produce)
2. Religious freedom and religious symbols: women and religious symbols a look at the Statut du Conseil de la femme and the FFQ position or the reason why you believe in freedom of wearing or not wearing a religious symbol that identifies you as a practicing and religious person. Here are two articles that might be of interest.
3. Widows in Ghana a benefit for the Mama Zimbi foundation you can get information on the web
4. Women and War could be from women having gone to war, have suffered because of war or want to know about war
5. Kwanzaa
6. Women and violence
7. Religious holidays and their importance to our daily life… this came out as someone shared that they were unable to celebrate their religious holiday… what can be done to respect every religious tradition.

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  1. Hi Selene Y:

    I like the themes of this book submission though I don't see or know the details. I appreciate the job you do to promote the understanding of women and their problems.

    My novel titled IN GOD'S GARDEN deals with women's issues. Nadia, the protagonist, is disfavored because of her gender and her looks. Housework is her lot but does not configured as part of her assets. Her mother who should have been more understanding of her daughter is the least appreciative.

    We should change the perception of women, starting by women themselves.

    Mahassen Ahmad