Friday, May 20, 2011



Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men? By Satoshi Kanazawa a doctor in psychology his article was published in Psychology Today. I READ THE ARTICLE and wondered who he interviewed and what his sources were and test subjects. I also want to know the type of questions he asked and his test audience because it seems that he was talking to members of some racist club.

Psychologist will say I am White yet a Black women consider me to be light skinned. As a child I was told that the Devil was Black, and that Black equated ugly and less intelligent. Tintin the famous and infamous comic strip from Belgium showed in Tintin au Congo Black Africans as flesh eaters or cannibals that had big lips and distorted features, they were half dressed, drawn ugly and asymmetrical. Well it was the perception or imagination of Herger and his imagination was very far from the truth. His perspective was warped and he did not acknowledge the fact that his ancestors had gone into the Congo and had raped women, enslaved women, at times disfiguring them, and much worst. Then in his devilish way he portrays them ugly, the ugliness came out of his own prejudice and his fear of looking in a mirror out of fear of seeing the devil.

In reading this article I remembered that I was told do not go in the Black community you are not safe, you will not be treated properly. They will look down on you. Black Women are cruel and mean and look at them they are fat and ugly. The very same people told me as a child to stop being black and loose weight. Truth be told it was a Black woman who was the first made me feel beautiful and taught me ab out fashion, she taught me how to dress up and use colors she gave me self confidence. Another Black women gave me a sense of self-worth by saying as a 10 year old child was right when I disagreed with my father because I was not allowed to play with her son, because he (a Black child) would cause me problems. My father caused me to be minus a friend yet his mom, gave me the biggest hug, that too me is beauty for she saw good in me and she acknowledge it regardless my skin tone, and how hurt she felt. Her son was in danger for he could have been hurt and beaten by racist people. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is objective and subjective.

In a very objective way I can look at a women and her inner beauty that shines in her eyes, I can see the love that comes out of her smile, I can see the darkness of her skin as an added feature that is beautiful for her skin has many colors, it shimmers from gold to dark brown in the sun. I can see beautiful white teeth and I can see hair that is nice and thick. I can see that we are similar as we are women of different skin tone and complexion. Beauty comes out of the soul and radiates in the face, so please look deeper and find the inner and outer beauty of the women that stand in front of you. The inner beauty is the intelligence of the person that sparkles in her eyes.