Friday, November 28, 2014


Islam BEHEADED  by Celine Leduc November 2014 

Collectively we are made to think so, why?
The media tells us so, as they focus on IS
The Islamic State is at war first with Islam
Then Christianity and Judaism. 
IS at war with God or Allah and His peace!

Out of al-Qaida they came enraged.
They use Allah’s name for justice
Believers they say: fight injustice
They use the name of Allah in vain
Because the IS leaders are vain.

The leaders have lost their heads
They are at war with the infidels
They consider to be animals
They go and slaughter humans
Get notoriety as they behead

The first victim is the kidnapped one
The one slaughtered, beheaded
His government refused to pay
The blood money demanded.
His head cut off --- his blood spilt!

The second victim is all of us
Our pain manifest in anger/outrage
We are enraged at such inhumanity
At such barbaric acts that defies God
IS defiles the name of God/Allah.

Muslims who live in peace suffer
They are sandwiched by prejudice
The actions of IS and the media focus
Let us not lose our head to anger
Let us unite and remain at PEACE.


This poem is dedicated to all those who lost their life because of prejudice or preconceived ideas.


It is fashionable to: “Blame the Jews”
For the ills of the world
For that that goes wrong in this world.
To use them as scapegoats
The goat that replaced Isaac
It is unfashionable to be thankful.

Blame the Jews for giving us monotheism
For giving us the Bible or Torah or the Law
Christians should blame them for Jesus
He was a Jew, was he not?
The new sacrificial Lamb
His blood was to redeem us for the original sin.

So much blood was spilt in the name of…
So many died went to heaven or to hell
Yet, their life was hell on earth
Because they were Jewish they died.
Because everyone “Blamed the Jews”

November 2014 

Monday, November 17, 2014

I and the other How "I" I perceive myself and how the "Other" responds

Taking a run

Confusing issues is my sport.
Comment out of sort
Unable to justify
Like a coward I run…
Run fearing truth
Run from truth.
Run, run, run
In a circle of lies

One Man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter  Celine Leduc November 18 2014

I scream loud and clear I am a feminist
I tell everyone I am a pacifist
I am totally politically correct
Even when facts are incorrect
I am neutral … I am perfect
Yet, I am biased --- imperfect
As I go by my father’s words:
One man’s terrorist is another man’s Freedom fighter.
A feminist is not a follower of father. 
A feminist questions and finds facts. 
A feminist and woman know terrorist or fighter fight
Not for rights but to be right.

I am a Shiksa!

I am a Shiksa!
I know what you think of me!
You do not say it but think it.
I know all about you.
I know what you value.
I know many like you
You are one of them….

You look at me with wandering eyes
Shifty eyes that reveals who you are.
Never thought you were a Shiksa
I thought you were my friend
Makes me wonder what you think of me!
Do you know, friends I value
Racist I abhor! Go for a run never come back!

all rights reserved November 18 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Remembrance Day! By Celine Leduc November 11, 2014

He enlists in the Army to Navy
He is a pilot or a foot soldier.
He is there for his country
To defend and protect his land
From a modern day Cain! 

Cain attacks wants to expand
He is not his brother’s keeper
He is the keeper of a war ideology.
His leaders fabricate an enemy.
All they want is the booty.

Attacked able young men enlist
To defend his land: His country!
All the while knowing the end
The earth will drink the blood
Of the fallen or of the wounded.

The Earth does not discern
Does not choose a side
She does not have borders
She is one and whole
Children of the earth must be whole.

War divides, maims and destroys.
War hurts the body
War destroys the soul
War is hell for all!
Remember Earth was Eden!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ms Know-it-all and Ms by Celine Leduc

Ms. Know it all

She claims to know everything
Her reference and mantra is:
“I am therefore I know”
The old philosophical adage is:
“I think therefore I am!”
Ms. Know-it-all does not think!
She is no lover of Sofia
The epiphany of wisdom!


A Ms. is amiss
Because, she fights men
Only to become man like
Follows in his footsteps
To gain respect
As he vies the booty.  

A Miss is bliss
She is a woman
The woe of man
Or she woos man
Hence she is a hit.