Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Today is Holocaust remembrance day it reminds us of what hate and indifference can do to people. Soulmates are separated friendships broken people die because of hate ... DISOBEY REFUSE to HATE to be INDIFFERENT Close your ears to the propaganda and open you ears from your soul hear the Creator whisper disobey bad leaders .
I wrote this poem for two friends whose only crime was loving one another in a climate of hate where Jews were vilified by the Nazi and yet these two friends one Jewish on German never stopped loving one another, they were SOULMATES One was shot by borders guards trying to escape the other one died in in Concentration Camp 2 years later. She was trying to go home, to be with her soulmate, to be ONE to be WHOLE.
It is happening now in the Middle East because of Daesh it is happening again in Europe because of immigration and migration Jews, Muslims Roma are the target of hate GROUPS.
This poem is dedicated to all of those who love and remain faithful to the one love in their life regardless of ethnicity, background, religion or skin tone no matter if the leaders tell them to hate. Evil men say: her hate him they disobey and still love and go through adversity because they know the power of TRUE LOVE. They know themselves, their culture their flaws and their strengths they know that love the power of one of wholeness of being complete.
SOULMATES by Celine Leduc January 27 2016
One soul in one spirit
Two bodies are one.
Two hearts one love
The two are ONE
One love two thoughts
They are of one mind.
United by creation
Created out of earth
From dust they came
To dust they go
Two bodies one earth
One love one soul.