Friday, November 28, 2014


Islam BEHEADED  by Celine Leduc November 2014 

Collectively we are made to think so, why?
The media tells us so, as they focus on IS
The Islamic State is at war first with Islam
Then Christianity and Judaism. 
IS at war with God or Allah and His peace!

Out of al-Qaida they came enraged.
They use Allah’s name for justice
Believers they say: fight injustice
They use the name of Allah in vain
Because the IS leaders are vain.

The leaders have lost their heads
They are at war with the infidels
They consider to be animals
They go and slaughter humans
Get notoriety as they behead

The first victim is the kidnapped one
The one slaughtered, beheaded
His government refused to pay
The blood money demanded.
His head cut off --- his blood spilt!

The second victim is all of us
Our pain manifest in anger/outrage
We are enraged at such inhumanity
At such barbaric acts that defies God
IS defiles the name of God/Allah.

Muslims who live in peace suffer
They are sandwiched by prejudice
The actions of IS and the media focus
Let us not lose our head to anger
Let us unite and remain at PEACE.


This poem is dedicated to all those who lost their life because of prejudice or preconceived ideas.


It is fashionable to: “Blame the Jews”
For the ills of the world
For that that goes wrong in this world.
To use them as scapegoats
The goat that replaced Isaac
It is unfashionable to be thankful.

Blame the Jews for giving us monotheism
For giving us the Bible or Torah or the Law
Christians should blame them for Jesus
He was a Jew, was he not?
The new sacrificial Lamb
His blood was to redeem us for the original sin.

So much blood was spilt in the name of…
So many died went to heaven or to hell
Yet, their life was hell on earth
Because they were Jewish they died.
Because everyone “Blamed the Jews”

November 2014 

Monday, November 17, 2014

I and the other How "I" I perceive myself and how the "Other" responds

Taking a run

Confusing issues is my sport.
Comment out of sort
Unable to justify
Like a coward I run…
Run fearing truth
Run from truth.
Run, run, run
In a circle of lies

One Man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter  Celine Leduc November 18 2014

I scream loud and clear I am a feminist
I tell everyone I am a pacifist
I am totally politically correct
Even when facts are incorrect
I am neutral … I am perfect
Yet, I am biased --- imperfect
As I go by my father’s words:
One man’s terrorist is another man’s Freedom fighter.
A feminist is not a follower of father. 
A feminist questions and finds facts. 
A feminist and woman know terrorist or fighter fight
Not for rights but to be right.

I am a Shiksa!

I am a Shiksa!
I know what you think of me!
You do not say it but think it.
I know all about you.
I know what you value.
I know many like you
You are one of them….

You look at me with wandering eyes
Shifty eyes that reveals who you are.
Never thought you were a Shiksa
I thought you were my friend
Makes me wonder what you think of me!
Do you know, friends I value
Racist I abhor! Go for a run never come back!

all rights reserved November 18 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Remembrance Day! By Celine Leduc November 11, 2014

He enlists in the Army to Navy
He is a pilot or a foot soldier.
He is there for his country
To defend and protect his land
From a modern day Cain! 

Cain attacks wants to expand
He is not his brother’s keeper
He is the keeper of a war ideology.
His leaders fabricate an enemy.
All they want is the booty.

Attacked able young men enlist
To defend his land: His country!
All the while knowing the end
The earth will drink the blood
Of the fallen or of the wounded.

The Earth does not discern
Does not choose a side
She does not have borders
She is one and whole
Children of the earth must be whole.

War divides, maims and destroys.
War hurts the body
War destroys the soul
War is hell for all!
Remember Earth was Eden!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ms Know-it-all and Ms by Celine Leduc

Ms. Know it all

She claims to know everything
Her reference and mantra is:
“I am therefore I know”
The old philosophical adage is:
“I think therefore I am!”
Ms. Know-it-all does not think!
She is no lover of Sofia
The epiphany of wisdom!


A Ms. is amiss
Because, she fights men
Only to become man like
Follows in his footsteps
To gain respect
As he vies the booty.  

A Miss is bliss
She is a woman
The woe of man
Or she woos man
Hence she is a hit.

Monday, July 21, 2014



The bombs have stopped.  Politicians have negotiated a cease fire but have done nothing for a lasting peace.  The nightly sky is quiet the moon shines bright and the northern star can be seen by the nightly travelers.  Silence reigns no more sirens, no more rockets no more bombs to disturb my sleep.  I cannot sleep my body cannot rest as it expects the sirens to go off, or the rocket or bombs to drop and explode.  Finally, sleep comes one eye open, one ear listening to hear those sirens or bombs. A month goes by and finally I can sleep. Something falls, I jump out of bed fearing the worst, as I go to investigate, I realize it is not a bomb but something fell on the floor.  Shaking I go back to bed but I cannot sleep.  My mind is not at peace. Life goes on tomorrow today we will rebuild our homes, our cities our infrastructure.  Men go and rebuild, earn money rebuild our lives. Women help and support the men and care for children. No time to think about events the bombs have stopped but peace has not come.     

Months turn into years and still peace has not come.  Events have been shoved under the carpet, feelings have been ignored, and at times anger sets in. Why am I so jittery?  Why this anger? I did not always feel that way, what happened to me.  I scream instead of speaking gently. I curse my neighbor because he is not like me.  Many years ago our families were friends, our children would play with each other.  We worked and celebrate our holidays.  We were family! Why is it no longer so?   I want my children to know the joy that once reigned in our village.  What to do?  Knock on my neighbor’s door, a request “can we talk?”  “Yes!” We sit, talk about the past, talk about the war and the bombs, the war neither of us wanted.  Emotions run high, pain surfaces, as we remember our dead.  As we talk about those who died, we wonder together did he kill my brother, sister, mother, father, child, family or friend?  Neither of us can answer that question, we will never know. The reality is that they died because of a bomb, a missile, and or a bullet. We sit looking at each other and realize we have choices to make.  Can we rebuild our former friendship or do we remain enemies.  

Men and women sit and talk, about the war and justice!  No one can pinpoint what started the bombing. Justice was used we want justice, yet it became just ice as hearts froze and blindness set in. The blindness that prevents us from seeing the whole picture. We were blinded by our anger, our pain that became hate.  No one remembers the spark that grew into the fires of hell, the war.  All we know is the after effects, the death toll, and the casualties of war.  It does not matter who lost more people, what matters is that lives were lost.  People were maimed, lost an eye, a leg an arm or a hand.  We could no longer look in each other’s eye fearing to see pain and/or guilt. We could no longer walk to our friend’s house yet we could limp. No longer were we able to extend our hand in friendship as a piece of shrapnel blew it away. We talked about the devastating consequences of war the loss of life, of limbs, but more importantly the loss of trust and broken friendships.  

We open our hearts and our minds, promise one another to work on our friendship. Talk openly about the hell that war is to our children and grandchildren.  We will take responsibility for our actions and make our politicians honest and responsible.  Instead of justice we talk about fairness and equality to be negotiated with words and concrete actions.  We talked, we yelled, we screamed our pain and anger, we sat we talked, we listened and we heard each’s others pain.  We empathized and refused to sympathize as neither of us was a victim per say but we were survivors of a war.  We sit, drink and eat together a little bit wiser because we fed our spirit, our mind and our body with words and finally we can feel peace in our heart.  We are at peace with ourself and the other. The bombs have stopped and we found our way to peaceful coexistence one person at a time, one family at a time one village at a time. 

Friday, July 18, 2014



Stop the bombing Stop the  rockets listen to the women  by Celine Leduc
Bombs fly in the night sky. Bombs fly at dusk and dawn.  It is raining It, is raining bombs and blood.  The earth is soaked in the blood of the innocent and not so innocent.  Men justify the war to bring peace, however the region is in pieces.  Torn by the violence. Stop bombing! Stop the rockets!  Lives are shattered, families torn apart, women and children suffer the loss they cry, their tears are real as they mourn the loss of life.  For years women have asked, have demanded STOP the bombings! STOP the rockets! STOP the killing!  Stop the violence! We, women, WANT PEACE for our children.  No man listens, men say we are here to protect our women and children.   Yet, they attack, send missiles to destroy a country, they refuse to recognize.   No man sits to negotiate for peace. The men are too busy rocketing the other side forcing the hand of defense.   Yes on the nightly sky rockets fly, birds no longer fly fearing death, children become orphans, women widows because men want to protect them.   Women voices are heard around the world and no one seems to listen to them, why?  Women all women want peace! 
Women from the area have a very long tradition of saving the area, it is recorded in the Bible, Qur’an and Hadith and in oral history and legends.  The knowledge is passed down from mother to daughter, in the saying: “behind every great man there is a woman”.   A new version or tradition should be started:  A man’s greatness is:  his willingness to listen to women”.   Let us not forget or remember that behind every name there is a story of glory, the name whispered in your ear has a history and tradition.  
Women in the Hebrew Bible are fewer than men however their contribution matters, in Egypt, Sudan, Persia, Yemen or North Africa. 
Egypt:   From Mesopotamia they came Abraham and Sara to Egypt to buy land from Pharaoh.  Pharaoh wanted Sarah as his wife thinking she was the sister of Abraham, however she was his wife.  Pharaoh almost sinned and as a penance he gave Sara and Abraham Hagar.   Hagar was a reminder of what happened in Egypt.  Hagar was Sarah’s handmaiden and became Abraham concubine at the request of Sarah.  Sarah was barren and Hagar gave him a son Ishmael. There was rivalry and enmity between the women, Sarah was unkind.  Sarah told Abraham send her and her son away after giving birth to Isaac.  Abraham did not listen and was told by the Lord, listen to Sarah, your wife.  Sarah freed Hagar and Ishmael.  The two sons of Abraham grew up they loved their mothers and gave them grandchildren,   because they listened to their mothers they prospered and had a long lineage, they fought as brothers to be the first. We know Ishmael was Abraham’s first born however for Hagar and Sarah both were first born.  Abraham foresaw the enslavement of his people and the birth of a liberator. They became slaves as predicted and   bad Pharaoh was cruel to the Hebrew.  He said first born Hebrew male were to be killed.   His daughter (Bethia Judaism) wife (Assyah Islam) did not agree they rebelled and disobeyed Pharaoh.  Miriam was told by her mom, make a basket and put my son in it, and watch what happens.  Bethia or Assyah saw the basket with the child, he was adopted and raised in Pharaoh’s House, and his name was Moses/Musa.  Civil disobedience by women saved lives. Moses said: Let my people go and they were let go. Bad Pharaoh decided to follow them and kill them, the Nile parted engulfed Pharaoh and his army, and they were saved. Out of Egypt (K’Met, Kush or Nubia modern day Sudan) we have Nefertiti who believed in monotheism, the one god ruled over her land.  Her reign was prosperous, here people worked, ate lived at peace because they were no wars.  She has a tomb in the desert and women from all religious background go and seek advice and inspiration, she inspired Dr. Ada Aharoni who founded IFLAC (International Forum of Literature and Peace). Leah Rabin and Jehan e-Sadat talked to their husbands and told them women want peace, peace was brokered, and the women went on to speak peace even after their husbands were killed.   Romans came to conquer the land of Nubia/Kush Augustus Caesar a misogynist who thought women were not to rule,  gave his word to the Queen I will not invade.   Amanishakheto of Nubia/Kush signed and honored the peace treaty which was sealed with a bust of none other than Augustus. He plotted against her, lusted after her land, after defeating and killing Cleopatra VII and stealing her land and her treasure.  Augustus did not respect the peace treaty, sent in an army only to be defeated.  As his army fell so did his bust its pedestal. Amanishakheto left it at the entrance of her palace so everyone would walk in would walk on the Augustus head. She did not go to war, she did not invade other lands.  She defended herself protected her people and put an end to aggression and invasion.
Persia: Jews lived in exile in Persia, the story of Esther is a lesson for a good marriage based n trust and respect between a man and a woman.   King Ahasuerus had been married to Vashti who did not listen to her husband, when he asked her to come to him, she refused hence he divorced her.  Esther is an example of courage and wisdom and listened to her uncle Mordecai when he overheard a plot. Haman and his wife were dishonest and plotted a war against Jews.  Haman was appointed to be the greatness rank by Ahasuerus. Esther was told warn King Ahasuerus of this plot, she shivered as she had to convey her husband to her chambers.  She knew what happened to Vashti.  He was a good husband and came heard and listened to her concern as she told him of the plot of Haman. The Persian King Ahasuerus, had a decision to make, listen to Haman and go to war with the Jews (Hebrew) or seek peace and listen to his wife.  He listened to Esther and war was averted. Haman the evil and his wife were defeated and disgraced. 
War in the time of Judges. Deborah (bee) was a judge, a prophetess and a leader of men and women.  Deborah a prophetess saw Barak defeat Sisera the general bent of killing Jews after a treaty had been signed by Jabin the Canaanite.  She foresaw he would not stop. She predicted a woman would kill him and restore peace in a war torn area. Deborah thought it was her duty, however it was not to be.  A woman from the other side Jael was the chosen one.  She fed him, and then killed Sisera to restore peace in the area.  At times a woman needs to kill the one whose heart is hard and so full of hate. 
Later on Rome still wanted more land and they met again defeat at the hands of women, two sister lived in castles on each side of a river.  Yes, Zainab and Zubeida went on defending their home, their land, their people, after their husbands fell at the hands of Romans. Fearless they took up the fight to save their kingdom, they won. 
Saudi Arabia:  Khadijah of Mecca was a widow and a prosperous business woman.  She hired a young man named Mohammed and asked for his hand.  This young man was known for his honesty and skills as a negotiator.   He had a vision on mount Arafat that troubled him.  An angel came to him and told him to read.  She counselled him and encouraged him.  She knew before him that he was a prophet.  He listened to her, his fears melted away accepted his fate and he became the Seal of the prophet and Islam was born.  He won the heart of millions as he was a fair and honest man who did much for the women of his time.  He stopped infanticide, gave women the right to divorce, gave strict instruction to his Companions do not kill women and children at war. When his wife Khadija died he went to Medina, he married more than one woman many were war widows.  He consulted women his wives.  
North Africa: Tin Hinan the legend of the Berber a Queen, a mother of her people is the founder of the Berber, her legacy released by the desert her mummified body showed she wore: 7 gold, 7 silver bracelets adorn her arm two ring one silver one gold.  Leader of men during the day and mother at night. Just like Kenza a legend loved by all, for some she is Jewish others Muslim some think she is Christian.   She fought to keep her people free never attacked and yet her death is at times violent or peaceful, she is loved by all and a strong roe mode for women who are leaders.  One story tells us she was Jewish fought against Muslims and yet is respected by Muslims today because she was honest and fought to have her people free.  A statue stands tall in Algeria, she was a great Berber Queen.  
Yemen:  Remember Queen Sheba who wanted to meet Solomon because he was wise.  She rules over Yemen traded all over the Arab world including Israel and Ethiopia. Arwa al-Sulayhi of Yemen was a malika (queen) who ruled over Yemen under Muslim rule.  Women ruled in fairness and many were brilliant business women leaders of the armies and very much women who thought not only of saving the lives of their children but for all children to be safe. These women ruled with their husbands were respected by them and listen to. Some were widows and other may be single we do not know legends do not tell us, they only speak of their legacy of peace.  They did not attack but defended themselves. The women lived in the dessert, in cities and were guided by the Northern star protected by the moon, shown the way when the sun rose in the east they prayed to the one God and Hawk spoke to them gave advice.   A few years ago a young woman from Yemen sang old traditional songs Ofra Haza she was loved by Israeli and by Yemenite, she used her music to bring people together.  She died a sad death yet she is a star every claims as their own, Yemen and Israel.  
As I gaze at the nightly sky one bird flies, a lone hawk. He is not a hunter or the hunter’s guide.  He is not the warrior he is a fearless bird.  Hawk does not fear bombs, he is the night watchman who informs women by telling them what men are doing at war.  Hawk has an all seeing eye.  Hawk and women know men act badly when women are not around.   Listen to hawk not the manmade symbol of hawk that symbolizes war and destruction but the hawk that flies fearless and free telling women and all children to be safe and hide.   Hawk advises women to take a stand and be firm, men need to be reminded that to be strong a man MUST listen to the women, a strong man is a man who listens to his mother, his wife, his daughters and all women.  STOP the rockets and bombs.  Silence the sirens so we can hear the message from Hawk, the voices of women who want peace for their children and grandchildren.  Are they not daughters of Hagar and SarahNefertiti, Kenza Tin Hinan as all come out of Adama (the earth)?  Adama feeds all her children, however she cries tears of blood because of the blood shed?  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

SKELETONS IN MY CLOSET by Celine Leduc June 7 2014

SKELETONS IN MY CLOSET by Celine Leduc June 7 2014

Skeletons are in my closet
At night they haunt my dreams
As a child I could hear their screams.
As an adult I want to know!
Who are the skeletons in my closet?

Partial history teaches, tales of grandeur
Epic tales of gentlemen who were not so gentle.
Partial history is without empathy and equals bias.
His story favors him and disenfranchises “the” other.
Skeletons in my closet rattle to my heartbeat.

My heart races, beats faster and faster in fear.
In fear of being “outed” and ousted from family.
The fear is not mine, it is my ancestors who fear me.
They fear judgement day, when I see them as they were.
They are part of my family tree, seeded long ago.

My heart slows and becomes one with earth.
It is believed out of earth we are created
Men are from dust women are the rock (rib)
Skeletons drum are in sync with my heartbeat.
Skeletons teach me about empathy and love.

Skeletons in my closet: “Speak to me!”
What is your name? Where are you from?
Come out, I want to know you, to not fear you!
African and First Nation drums I hear they relax me
The drum beat calms me, we become one with earth.

Come let me give you a proper burial in the earth.
So you can join and rejoice with the ancestors.
Make a feast invite all who want to be at peace.
To remember you were mistreated human beings
My ancestors claimed you were not human or equal.

Truth be told:  Equal yet different, we are!  
No one can change the past, we cannot Quantum Leap!
There are no time machines to correct the past.
Listen to the voice of the skeletons in your closet.
We can work together to improve the future.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A tribute to Heather

Heather is a friend who died as a result of Sickle Cell Anemia on June 3, 2014    I wrote this poem to celebrate her life and honor her memory.  

HEATHER    by Celine Leduc—June 4, 2014

Heather is about health as a sickler*
Heather is a flower sweet an fragrant
Heather is the friend I loved and lost.

Yesterday, you were in pain
Yesterday, you struggled
Yesterday, you passed away.

Today, we** are in pain.
Today, we are struggling
Today, we know you are away.

Heather you are a role model
For those who suffered
For all those sicklers who still suffer.

We remember you laughing at fate, a miracle!
When you cheated death more than once.
You survived had children and a grandson.

We remember your joy of being a grandmother
We remember your smile and your pride
We remember you advice:  Live life

Today, we celebrate your life
Today, we salute you
Today, we remember you!

Eternity is at hand for we will never forget YOU!
Forever remembered in your legacy
Your Children and grandchildren live on.

Yesterday, you were in pain and in Hell
Today, you are in Heaven in the spirit world
You joined the ancestors, we will not FORGET.

*Sickler a person who suffers from Sickle Cell anemia
**We includes all those who knew her, her family extended family and friends.  

Friday, May 23, 2014



Lulu and her family are Romani (Gypsies) they came from Hungary and sought asylum from Canada.  Their dream was and is to lead a sedentary life and not a forced nomadic life.  All over Europe Romani people are discriminated against, they rarely have a chance to settle down and establish roots, they are pushed away like unwanted people. The language used to describe them is reminiscent of the Nazi era, words such as rats, vermin are used, by the civilized ones who are NOT civil.  
Gypsies they are called they are labelled as kidnappers of children, mostly those who are blonde. As a child living in Léry near Montreal, we knew the Gypsies were coming as spring arrived, we saw them wanting to settle down and find temporary seasonal work.  They would paint homes, make repairs, help you with roofing for a fee, they worked hard and at night return to their camp.  They were not allowed to camp on the shores of Lake St-Louis but were welcomed in Kahnawake which was not far. When you got close to their spring/summer residence you could hear people sign and smell food cooked outside.  Parents would tell their children do not go they will kidnap you.   I did venture and meet some of the gypsies as my favorite uncle took me over to meet the people. My parents never wanted to take me to their camps, however I had a rebellious uncle who heard me and listened.  He drove me to where the Gypsies camped, I was happy listening to the music and seeing women dance, and I wanted to join them.   The women did give me some food and blessed me but then told me to go home to my parents, study and listen to my mother and father.  Life was too hard on the road.  They did not live up to their “reputation”. I wondered why as a child?  Today I know everyone had lied to me about the Gypsies they were known or identified themselves as Romani and were family oriented.  They did not want to destroy families because family was important.   Yet they had suffered because their own families were destroyed as children were taken away from them.    Fast forward 50 years or so, in Canada a family is to be torn away from the Canadian dream, a 5 year old child and her family will be deported, to a country that does not want them.  The worst part is that Canada my country does not want them to live here. 
Do politicians know how to read? Do they know international politics? They talk the empty talk of let us rid ourselves of prejudice and racism and yet they use racism and prejudice to deport Romani families. In Canada we tell the world we care about our children, all children we have laws to protect them from abuse.   We have laws to make sure children get a proper education, are not discriminated against.   We have laws yet where is the law that protects Lulu and her family?   If she is deported she will be put in a very dangerous situation.  In fear of losing her identity and her life.   Because she is Romani she will not be able to be properly educated.  She will live on the street, in a caravan going from town to town forever being rejected because of who she is, Roms.   She will be harassed, told she is a crook a criminal based false data and on assumption and not truth.   She will be referred as a vermin, be pushed shoved and mistreated in Hungary by the extreme right and their mindless followers. 

Canadian politicians are not honest they dismiss claims from Roma asylum seekers from Hungary the same way that they dismissed claims from Jewish German asylum seekers in the late 1930s fearing infiltrations by Germans of the Nazi party.   Here is an article that talks about the plight of Roma people  On this site you will see the Canada billboard warning about bogus Roma asylum seekers Many groups are denouncing these practices  Why? I ask because hypocritical Canadian politicians believe the lies told to them as children, do not trust the Gypsies, they will kidnap your kids, sadly what these unethical politicians are doing is they are sending families back to a country that does not want them.  A German woman once told me that between 1939 and 1945 the Gestapo would try to sell Jews and Gypsies for a truck or car, not one European country wanted Jews or Gypsies, 2014, history repeats itself and we as Canadians claim we are civilized, yet we are neither civil nor compassionate.  Here are two videos that shows the life of Hungarian Gypsies life on the road   another film found on YouTube this video opens with the heart wrenching question from a Roma Women Who cares about me  I care what about you?   If you do care sign the petition write letters to help Roma refugee claimants from Hungary we cannot change the past but we can work towards a better future and make sure we do not repeat mistakes that have cost the lives of millions of people between 1939 and 1945, our lack of caring helped kill 6 million Jews and millions of Roma people.  Showing empathy and compassion is a must the words I heard 50 years ago are still true, family matters, education is a must, respect your parent.  I was fed and blessed by a Roma women 50 years ago, now is the time to say Lulu hope you and your family can stay in Canada.   

Saturday, May 17, 2014



Truth and reconciliation commission was started a few years ago stemming from an official recognition and apology from the Canadian government.   Sounds good does it not, on the surface it does as it whitewashes the reality and it is used to save face. To apologize is hypocritical on the part of the governing body and all the political parties.   Why?  Because we as Canadians are doing nothing concrete to change perspective and we still perpetuate ignorance on our part and make sure the educational system in First Nation reserves is inadequate and proves the unfounded prejudice that “Indians” are dumb.  Therefore, things do not change. The Truth and reconciliation document the horrors that First Nation people went through inn residential school, then the government teaches it to Canadians kids and the children of survivors hence creating division fostering shame on the part of Canadians and fear of the other that lead to hatred of each other hence creating distrust and separation instead of coming together as equals.  We as Canadians develop a false sense of victimization vis-à-vis First Nation we see them as victims but do not look at ourselves as the bully or aggressor.  Instead of seeing a victim why not develop empathy, feel the pain inflicted, see the outcome, and do something to heal the wound.  Kids are not encouraged to meet one another, to talk to each other and this is one of the recommendations done by Lee Maracle.  Her daughter got Canadian and First Nation kids asked them to research and speak about their findings.   Yes our crimes need to be exposed. Yet as Canadians, we need not to apologize unless we ask for forgiveness or even better learn to forgive our ancestors and ourselves for perpetuating the lies of my grandfather.  

YES as Canadians we need FORGIVENESS do something concrete about changing our ways hence showing genuine remorse, understanding and most of all compassion.  I personally did not do those atrocities, so I can feel I am not guilty, but I am if I keep silent and do nothing to educate my own people.   When my ancestors came they were able to settle here and find a certain FREEDOM thanks to First Nations.   Yet, as Europeans we were part of the King’s possession be it the aristocracy or as serfs in this land, we were still are under the influence of foreigners to this land and foreigner we remained. We as Canadian never became indigenous to this land, no matter how we try to prove it we are still foreigners and will remain so unless we change our ways we will forever remain foreigners and aliens on this continent.  A lesson politicians should learn the land does not belong to them, it belongs to the people all the people so they can live free and in and at peace with themselves and each other.    

As Lee Maracle stated in an interview about Truth and Reconciliation she states that: “all is not well in Canada.”   Her statement is based on observation, knowledge of Canadian history and the history of her people, who have suffered at the hands of very evil people who used religions took the name of God in vain to justification horrendous crimes, similar to those committed against Jews in concentration camps, such as medical experiments, starvation, sleep deprivation, rape, murder, et al.  Both regimes are totalitarian in dealing with the “other” Hitler could justify his purge as Jews and Roms people were strangers to Germany, he could claim purity of race out of fear of mixing the pure blood of Aryans with the blood of half-humans.  This same blood libel exists in Canada and has been used over and over again, be it with First Nation or at the time of slavery.   Mixed blood First Nation are name Metis, mixed blood Africans are referred to as Mulato (means Mule) which is derogatory and prejudicial.   In the case of First Nation there is an even greater restriction a woman who marries a non-native loses her rights. 

The news tells us that there is discontent and some politicians in Quebec want to separate from Canada, claiming it is “Their Land.”   False, the land does not belong to them even if they have a paper trail to justify the owning of the land that started with planting a flag and claiming it in the name of a foreign King it does not make it theirs. First Nation wisdom tells me why? If a politician or any “Quebecois” or “Canadian” or First Nation dies they do not bring the land with them, however their bodies are buried in the grounds in a cemetery.  The land remains so do the animals and his/her progeny, hence it is not theirs, and the land belongs to the earth and is there to be shared for Jews, Christians or Muslims the earth belongs to God the Creator who created us out of earth.   What belong to those who want to separate is the buildings and the roads and asphalt but then it was taken from the earth.  What is theirs is their warmongering ways, the 500 year war between England and France a foreign war that ended, when France lost the war to England and had to repay the damages with land that did not belong to them.   The aristocracy fled the serfs remained with their mentality of colonialism and their war like attitude that was passed down generation to generation through the educational system and the Church, because the duty of education was given to nuns and brothers of the Catholic Church however it was a political moved which was sanctioned by the politicians of the day.     Creating a false sense of belonging and elitist mentality that still prevails today, in both Canada and Quebec.   History is our mode of transmission it is a written tradition that speaks of an epic story of valiant and heroic needs, such as the epic story of Dollard des Ormeaux who died defending his land actually he was trying to invade the territory of others.   French legend tells us that the Iroquois did not invade or reclaim Ville Marie, because they lost too many warriors.  Another interpretation could be that they respected the treaty agreement made between France and their people.  Women had the last word in the Iroquois Nation, they were the ones who declared war.  France declared war on Mohawk or Kanien'kehá:ka (people of the flint) did not throw the Black beads of war, they stopped an invasion defended themselves just like Amanishakheto in Nubia (today Sudan)  when she pushed back the army of Caesar Augustus and then throwing down his bust that had been given as a peace treaty. Sadly most of us do not know her and her legacy we are only told of Cleopatra and how she lost the war.   How can we Canadians talk about TRUTH and RECONCILIATION when we do not talk truth and the people of this land, the First Nations or indigenous people?   A native friend of mine once told me I know you but you do not know me, I have to agree with him as he not only knows me but also my past and about my ancestors and I know him on the surface but do not know his past or his ancestors.   

Let the ancestors speak, this is part of a book I am researching and writing about the unknown and unrecorded history of Canada.    

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



In Quebec one cannot eat:
SHEPPERD PIE, these are a NO --- NO
Why you wonder, the language police.

The language police says: you must eat
Des pâtes, des pains fourrés à la mode de Frankfort
Des Hambourgeois, du pâtée Chinois. OUI --- OUI
Why, because of the language police says so.

It is Ok to use words that have a sexual overtone
Like “fourrés” but it has also a negative tone
On m’a fourrés, yes they screwed me
The infamous language police sure does.

In public no one says Grace
For the food they are about to eat
Culturally no longer accepted
The secular/language police is “walking” the streets.

Secularist want religious symbols banned! Yet I hear:
People speak about: le tabernacle, les osties, et le Christ.
Referring to the “sacrament” of communion
Where is the language police?  Nowhere to be seen!

Instead of focusing on the language of food
Would it not be more efficient to clean up French?
If you hear the name of Christ taken in vain
Do call the language police keep French “Kosher” “Halal” clean!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



So long Pauline your riding voted you out.
You cannot blame the ETHNIC vote
You cannot blame the ANGLOS
You cannot blame MONEY
Like Parizeau did after the referendum
You have to take responsibility
Be responsible for your loss.
So long to the Charter of Value
Your Quebecois people spoke loud and clear.
So long Pauline, so long….

You and you alone is responsible
You played chicken and lost
A false prophet you are
You prophesized a majority
You brought in a minority
No more dictatorship and intolerance.
You used corruption as your cry
You said I am clean “they” are dirty
Mud on your face is your reward.

BYE --- BYE Pauline yes at the end of the year
Radio Canada will have a spoof about you!
What will it be at the BYE – BYE The Queen is gone?
Marie Antoinette lost her head
You lost your seat and are no longer the head
A woman you showed me cannot lead!
SHAME on YOU! And your brand of ruling.
You opened the door for women
You closed the door on women
Hope a REAL woman will take the lead.

ADIEU Pauline a dieu (to God)  we give thanks!
Adieu means farewell, good bye
Bye – Bye to intolerant partisan politics
Your Charter of Quebec values has no values
You say No I SAY YES to religious symbols of any kind
Targeting men but mostly women
Those who are religious and show their faith
You say ADIEU RELIGIOUS symbols Hello! France and LePen
They like you say adieu, a dieu farewell God you say.

Surprise --- Surprise we wave and say ADIEU BYE --- BYE! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



On the road to Damascus Saul heard a voice:
“Why do you persecute me?”
Saul had an epiphany and became Paul.
He saw the error of his way
He was blinded, then he saw the light
He stopped persecuting Christians.

As he saw the light his focus changed
His mission was to convert Jews and Gentiles.
Disregarded and disobey Jewish law he says.
He made deals with the Greeks or Romans
The end is near! “He” is coming back.
Soon the Messiah will here. 

Paul writes the end is coming.
Rejoice the end of the world is coming
A prophet he became
An Apostle he was made
He heard and followed the voice.
Why do you persecute me? 

On the road to Quebec Pauline had an epiphany
She heard a voice: “You are persecuted?”
You are the White “N” of America!
The English persecuted you!
You are the chosen race, the “Pure Laine”
Alleluia: I believe you are the Messiah!

You cannot take his name in vain
He is a Bishop by his name Levesque
A father of the Church of language
Yes she voted for Law 101
He commanded: Church and State separate
In his honor she introduced Bill 60.

The prophetic Bishop said:  “Religion is your doom.”
Religion blinds you, you cannot think, you must submit
To the unseen god, I am your messiah in the Flesh and I declare:
If you wear a Kippah, a Hijab, a Turban surely you lose your mind
Those cover will steal your thoughts subjugate your mind
They will zap your intelligence and you sense of justice.

Rejoice, rejoice citizens, the end is near.
Canada will no longer be, your doom!
Uncover your head, submit to my will 
Disobey Canadian and religious laws!
For I am equal to man this the law.
Is this why you act manly or mannish?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Canadian Hypocrisy at its worst: The humiliation and misery of Canada’s First Nation People

Canadian Hypocrisy at its worst: The humiliation and misery of Canada’s First Nation People
In the past, Canadian Prime Minister and the Quebec Premier have made both noble and inspiring speeches in regard to the lifelong struggles and challenges of South African legend Nelson Mandela as he and the African National Congress fought to end apartheid in their country. 
In the mid 1980s, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was one of the first elected officials of any Western country to publicly support Mandela and demand his release by ending Canada’s trade with South Africa’s apartheid government.  
Provincial Canadian leaders have even used the ending of South Africa’s apartheid White-ruled government as a rallying cry / catalyst for their own political agenda. 
Current Prime Minster and leader of Canada’s conservative political party, Steven Harper and Pauline Marois the current premier of Quebec, upon hearing of Mandela’s death gave emotional speeches praising the legacy of the man the world refers to as “Madiba”. 
Like all great thinkers, Madiba from his early years understood that a “rising tide lifts all boats” so he earnestly fought until the day he died to provide every South African child with the opportunity to receive a top-notch education. From the very beginning Mandela articulated that receiving a great education was the best hope to uplift Black and Brown South Africans from tyrannical / generational poverty.
Hypocrisy is an evil that makes liars of all politicians
Although in essence most Canadian politicians have outwardly supported the initiatives of Nelson Mandela to improve Black South Africa’s educational system, in Canada the same courtesy has not been given to the indigenous people of the First Nations.
In short “Indians” of First Nations are subjected to antiquated and prejudiced Federal and Provincial laws that emasculate Canada’s indigenous people. 
Prime Minister Harper may apologize for the Residential Schools system abused and forced Indians” to become “White” to lose their Mother tongue and become for subject cruel medical experiments, however, apologies alone do not equate to fixing a broken educational system. First Nations have opened their own schools:  they teach their kids, their language, their history and their ways.  At this time these schools are being subsidized, if this law passes they might lose funding. 
As it currently stands, the politics of Canada, but particularly Canadians who desire an independent Quebec [“Le Parti Quebecois”] is not a friendly political party to reforming the educational standards of First Nation schools. 
Throughout the province of Quebec there exist language laws that legally mandate the French language as the official language of the province, hence affecting the comprehension of lessons being taught in “Indian Schools”.  Food for thought….”If textbooks supplied by the Province are all printed in conversational French, and in some reserves they are unilingual French then is it possible that some native students may not fully understand the text or other Natives?” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that inter-generational misunderstandings via communication between the elders and then “conqueror and the conquered” is most likely to beget generational poverty.
Nationalism in Quebec or neo-colonialism and the new apartheid
Without a doubt the “French only laws” in the Quebec Province has created a discrete yet distinct division between people as some schools are taught in English others are taught in French.  Religion was blamed as a deterrent to success, religiously run schools like the Residential schools have closed in Quebec. The Duplessis children suffered and so did First Nation kids who were abused.   These schools were overseen by religious organizations, sanctioned by the government. Since the quiet revolution there is no confessional schools but English or French language schools.   Provincial language laws promotes unilingual (French only) schools and has become the new religion to obey.  In both cases it was political will of the conqueror that was imposed. 
Far too often in Canada it is because of culturally-suffocating-Provincial-laws that oversee and govern the life / education system of “Indians” that causes a “Native identity crisis” is manifested. If the Bill on FNEA as proposed by Harper passes it will give Quebec too much power over First Nation. 
Quebec Nationalism or the Parti Quebecois agenda wants to rule over to be in charge, have dominion over everyone regardless of their culture, religion or ethnicity, yet the only ones in charge are “White” French speaking and immigrants to this land. 
Praise Astérix follow Caesar
Astérix le Gaulois fought against the Roman and the preservation of his language and culture, he is a cartoon strip.  The Parti Quebecois claims to fight for all “Quebecois” however unlike Astérix they  are pontificating bureaucrats and act like Romans who care little about maintaining the integrity of Native customs and language scuttle about the country legislating and passing laws that strip away Native identity.
Case in point, during the recent “Maple Spring” tuition reform was at the forefront of public debate, to overthrow a Liberal government, rowdy acting Franco-Canadian-Quebecois students who were vehemently demanding free university tuition for their self and future students, never uttered a single sentence about the plight of public education in First Nation Schools; not one sentence, not one word.
My main concern is that eventually Canada’s First Nation will be relegated in history to the infamous oubliette of France. The oubliette (loosely translated as the forgotten ones), were the prisoners of French prisons that were left to rot, die and wither away.
Praise Mandela emulate the Afrikaner apartheid
Traditionally governments of Canada but specifically Quebec, have a long history of violating First Nation treaties remember 1990, and the Oka Crisis! Currently Bill 60 proposes to make any wearing any religious symbols illegal, this includes the forgotten First Nation who were forced to cover in the French way, like French women, today the government wants all women to uncover regardless of religious tradition or culture.   Province are in charge of education and if the First Nation Education Act passes Quebec will be in charge of First Nation.  No commission on reasonable accommodation or on religious symbols is required to understand that Quebec will be administered by “White” only French “pure-laine”. 
Like the Dutch in South-Africa (Afrikaners) in 20th century who imposed apartheid, newly appointed French Quebecois Prime Ministers wants to be in a position to create their “perfect French educated-First Nation-colonies” that in essence will be only loyal to the interests of French speaking Quebec which is creating a new apartheid.
The forced assimilation of any “conquered people” into the culture of their “conqueror” is equivalent to systematically erasing the losing side’s history / identity. The conqueror becomes the identity thief.
It’s time for political hypocrisy in Canada and in Quebec to end. Speaking elegantly at Nelson Mandela’s funeral is good for the International Press and may win a few national political points, however without progressively enacting on the principles of promoting human dignity and civil liberties that Nelson Mandela stood for in life and stands for in his legacy, words without meaning only give comfort to fools, and it is my sincere wish that no Canadian is ever considered a fool.

In closing I beseech my brethren and sisters who call Canada home to, “Stand up and recognize the sacred sovereignty of our First Nation neighbors, it is possible to uplift a people via a great education without destroying their history, of this I am certain”.