Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dr. Homa Hoodfar please help her come back to Canada A letter sent to President Obama rime Minister Justin Trudeau f Canada and Stephane Dion

 Dear President Obama 

I am not an American citizen however my mother was born in Upper State NY and I was born in Canada.  

I have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mr. Dion of international affairs, RE: DR HOMA HOODFAR. However, there is a problem in Canada as noted in my letter to the Prime Minister   Canada severed all tights with Iran in 2012 Hence I am coming to you because you have diplomatic ties with Iran and you might be able to do something to help her come back to Canada.  

Dr. Homa Hoodfar is a professor from Concordia University anthropology dept.  Her being imprisoned in Iran makes me very sad.  She is not a political activist.  She is not against the government of Iran.  She always gave students a balanced point of view about women and Iran.   She is a scholar and an anthropologist but most importantly a human being who has a great heart.  She has a stroke needs medical attention and her medication.  She needs to see her lawyer and her family needs to know what is happening. On a humanitarian level can you please intercede in her favor?  Thank you Sir. 

Dr. Hoodfar prior to her retirement was always ready to help students if we did not understand the culture or ethos of Iran.  I consulted her more than once when I had a radio show on CKUT FM Twisting Tongue 1995 to 2001.  She never said no, when she could help. She would guide me and refer me to the proper sources or key women.  I had her as a guest a few times and she was a pleasure to interview and work with, as she described women from the Middle East and Iran as being strong and resilient.  She is not against the religion of Islam nor the leadership in Iran.  She travelled many times to Iran as a scholar and was never detained or accused of any crime.  
Canada does not have an embassy in Iran since 2012. However, I am sure that Canada can intervene in her favor as a woman who has dual citizenship Canadian/Iranian whether she travelled with an Iranian or a Canadian passport.   She is Canadian, she is a woman and a scholar. You need to find ways to help her get back home to Canada and her loving family and friends.   

Celine Leduc