Monday, May 23, 2016



TODAY is celebrating Colonialism British and French hence perpetuating colonialism and neocolonialism and negating all those who are NOT White European making it an all-White holiday that also celebrates a history that is full of slavery, domination and celebrates White supremacy and privilege.  Let us celebrate freedom by facing our history acknowledging our past and start a new tradition that is inclusive of all. 

Queen Victoria ruled over the world and knew that the sun never set on the British Empire. During her reign we Canada was a Dominion and we were given the BNA Act (British North American Act) and the “Indian Act” in both cases women were not persons under the Law.  Queen Victoria did not believe in suffrage for women.  Meaning women did not have the vote, even if requested by Suffragettes.   First Nation women who could vote lost their right and so did men because they were considered to be “ORIENTAL” after all they were renamed “Indian” meaning they came from India. They were serfs and now under THE law they became children like women they were not able to make decision on their own they need a man a White man of European background to tell them what to do and how to do it, that man is known as the “great White Father” Not so great in my opinion.   Because Father did not know best.  As a woman how can I celebrate a woman who did not believe I could think and vote?   As a woman how can I celebrate colonialism?  Nine (9) provinces and territories celebrate Queen Victoria but not in Quebec. 

Quebec does not celebrate because they claim it is not proper as England colonized France, therefore they decided to celebrate First Dollard des Ormeaux and then settle on the Patriots of 1837.  The Patriots are also a symbol of colonialism.   They have been made into heroes by some French speaking Canadians as they fought against England hence they promote war and not PEACE. Secondly, the ones from Chateauguay wanted to go to war with Mohawks and with the British.  On a Sunday morning when Mohawks were attending Mass in the Catholic Church they made their way to Kahnawake to steal their hunting guns and attack the Mohawk’s.  One woman who was late saw them coming and alerted the men at Church and the Patriots were defeated and rounded up and given to the British.  It was not the place of Mohawks to put them on trial it was for the governments of Upper Canada to deal with the men who were at war with both the Mohawks and England.  They wanted to rule over Quebec and be under France and the politicians of the time enforced the Code of Napoleon in 1804, where women all women had NO RIGHTS.  The leadership of France was and is Misogynistic.  As a woman how can I celebrate the Patriots who wanted to make sure I had no RIGHTS…  Plus, these men wanted to keep their slaves Black or First Nation.   England had banned slavery in all its colonies and Upper and Lower Canada were colonies.  How can I celebrate colonialism, neo-colonialism, misogyny and slavery as a Woman? 

Be it Queen Victoria day or Patriot day represents oppression of First Nation those of African descent which include former slaves, and makes Jews, First Nation, African-Canadians and women second class citizens…    LET US STOP CELEBRATING COLONIALISM MISOGYNY AND INTELLECTUAL SLAVERY.  

SOLUTION push for a new holiday that celebrates FREEDOM based on truth.