Friday, August 28, 2015

Say NO to verbal rape

Say NO to verbal rape by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon   August 28, 2015

CJAD in Montreal, reported a very disturbing incident that involved Valerie Assouline the Conservative candidate in federal riding of Pierrefonds/Dollard des Ormeaux that was not only sexist but sexual harassment and sexually explicit. I could say that it was a verbal pornography that encourages sexual abuse and condones rape of women, all women.  She took action and called the media and CJAD responded with an article.  Highlighting these problems matters as she condemns all attacks be they verbal, graphic - such as graffiti, or defacing posters of the candidate. This time the vandals and hooligans went one step further: they used sexist and sexual explicit messages.
This is very disturbing and needs to be talked about. Women from all parties should get together and talk about this important topic.

Vandalism: Political campaigns and posters are targeted by graffiti artists. You see mustaches on candidates, glasses are added, the vandals use a marker, a paint brush or a spray-paint can.  At times you can see a swastika. Or political comment on the leader regardless of his/her party.  I have seen words like communist or leftist spray painted on posters of the NDP or the Green Party.

Racism: Nazi or the swastika spray-painted on posters of Jewish candidates. Even some said “Jews go home”  First Nation candidates had words like “savage”.  Muslim women had words like “terrorist” or Muslim preceded by a religious slur spray painted.

Sexism: First Nation women candidates saw words like “savage” or “Fat Cow” spray painted.   Black women could read: “Whore” on their posters. Derogatory words I saw targeting women of all parties included: Whore, Lesbian, and the "F" word used a prefix…

This graffiti destroys private property, on one hand, and is sexist and racist on the other.  Women have been sexually discriminated against for years.  It is time for it to STOP.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  STOP raping women physically and with words.

These racist and sexist vandals, hooligans MUST be exposed as such.  In an ideal world, they would be held responsible for their choice of words and would be prosecuted and labelled as racist, sexist,  misogynist jerks.  Too many men have swept it under the proverbial carpet. Time to lift the carpet because it is hiding a hill that can become a mountain. 

Some may think that the vandals are teenagers while it has often been proved that some older men in the 50s and 60s were the criminals. These men need training; first in gender equality, second in respect of women, all women, regardless of their political affiliation, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. We share one thing in common that makes us daughters, sisters, mothers: We are WOMEN. 

Women, both individually and collectively, are waking up. They are taking charge of their lives and are entering  politics.  Each woman who is a candidate has a cause that matters to her.  Let us listen to their message, discuss the issue, think and respect. Let us use words to offer a rebuttal or to offer an alternative solution. Let us use our pens and the power of words to expose those misogynist hooligans who rape women verbally, who spray paint sexually explicit words, be they on the sign of any woman candidate of any party. It is easy to dismiss it and say, “Oh well, she is (add the party)”. The reality is that it affects all women.

The “old boys” Clubs had signs saying, "No girls allowed."  Yet, there is a New Boys’ club where men include WOMEN. I think: WOMEN as a group, must be stick together and develop a gender inclusive girls/women's club or sisterhood.   

Monday, August 24, 2015


SHOT GUN WEDDING by Celine Leduc August 2015  edited by Norman Simon 

A man forced to take responsibility,
A woman impregnated by the man;

He lusted for her,
She lusted for him;

He knows her in the biblical way,
She knows him carnally;

He blames her for his fall,
She reminds him, "You wanted me;"

He says I wanted you but not the child,
Is he not responsible for the child?

They lusted after each other,
Yet never really knew each other;

Friends they were not,

Friends they never will be;

A shot gun unites them,

Sadly not their LOVE child.

JUMPING THE BROOM   by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon 

Parents speak to each other

A couple wants to be one;

Characters matters,
Similarity is needed;

Complement each other,
Her strength, his weakness;

His strength a student, he is,
He learns from her and she from him;

They are different, yes,
But so similar as each knows the other;

Friends, they become, best, they are,
First criteria they do not jump the gun;

Lust comes, lust goes

Friendship lasts forever.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


MORNING COMES by Celine Leduc August 2015 edited by Norman Simon 

Morning rises, the first ray of sun.
The golden rays break at dusk;

Mourning rises with death
When my heart is but darkness;

Morning, the first light so bright,
A pageantry of colors dance;

Mourning, all colors left at dusk,
My heart is but night, without light;

Memories, of one shot – it is dark,
My heart no longer shines – mourning;

Your body in my arms --- lifeless
Cold invades my soul --- mourning;

Memories of your smile – so bright,
My heart rejoices --- morning.

Your body in my arms --- LIFE
Warmth is in my soul --- morning;

In the cold of night I mourn
Alone in darkness, I am blind;

My eyes can see a shining star,
Reminds me of your smile;

Oh! My shining star, guide me to you,
Show me my way home into your arms;

Your golden smile in the morning,

In your arms it is forever day!

Friday, August 21, 2015


EMPATHY by Celine Leduc August 2015

My friend told me
“Feel my pain.”

I ask:

She answers:  
“It is about EMPATHY”

I retort:
“Too much bother.”

She quips:
“Why? Do I not matter?”

I state:
“It is not pleasant!”

She retorts:              
“It is ok to distort?”

I jibe:
“Truth I want to hide.”

She asks:
“Why? Why hide.”

I joke:
““Cause I’m white.”

She banters:
“You whitewash truth.”

I shrug
“Yep, makes me pure “WHITE””

She smiles and gives me a HUG
I smile back and hug her back.

I feel her pain: EMPATHY
She feels my pain: EMPATHY

Thank you Norman Simon for editing

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A Woman and Campaign Unparalleled. (by Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon)

Valerie Assouline is a woman, a wife, a mother, a career woman, a lawyer, a political activist for gender equality, and is the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate for the Pierrefonds/Dollard des Ormeaux Riding. Her dream is to get elected see more women get involved in politics. She is taking the lead to inspire women who have immigrated here, to get involved and make positive changes.

Family values matter, and so do women, as the woman is, most often, the pillar that holds the family together. She has the backing and support of her husband, David Janowski, and the respect of her children. Being Canadian of Moroccan descent and Jewish, she knows all too well the dangers of the kind of politics that can lead to extremism. Her unique perspective based on life experience, academic knowledge, and family history, all of which can help assure the safety of all her constituents. 

Pierrefonds/DDO is a multireligious, multilingual, multiethnic community where people interact with each other at school, and in clubs for the young and old - be they the younger sports person, or the senior. People meet at private and public swimming pools. They worship in synagogues, mosques, churches and temples. Multi-ethnic diversity defines the richness of the area: Canadians of various origins live here; some are older immigrants who came from France, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Syria, and Ukraine, some have been here for generations. The new wave of immigrants came from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Israel, China, India and the Caribbean. They are Jews Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists whether practicing or not. What unites them is where they live, what matters is their family, a strong economy, a safe place to bring up their children, and for the elderly to enjoy their retirement in safety. 

Valerie Assouline has the ability to unite those various components of society and to assure them a peaceful life. Many have known horrors back home and so the need to live in peace and at peace with everyone is of prime importance to them.

Valerie's background and roots make her an ideal candidate, as she knows how selfish politics, and nationalism gone wild, can hurt people. Yet she knows that good, solid policies that are inclusive is the answer.
Valerie Assouline promises to include everyone knowing the danger that excluding or focusing on one group can lead to. We do need laws, and those laws must be respected and enforced with compassion and fairness.

Valerie lives her words of inclusion. For example, the buffet she served at the launch of her campaign showed her sensitivity to both cultural and dietary laws. She had coffee and tea for everyone, and sweets for the morning. At lunch sandwiches were fish or egg, so everyone could eat including religious Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. She even took the time to greet older folks, asking if she could bring them food, and coffee or tea. She included everyone, taking the time to greet everyone with a handshake, but more often with a hug. She was busy. It was her day, but she included everyone, and those are the qualities of a real leader.

She has the respect of her fellow Conservatives, and her volunteers. You can feel the support by the way everyone welcomed her at the official opening of her campaign. Other candidates her supporters and volunteers spontaneously, and in unison, chanted her name, "Val-er-ie!" And as she took the microphone, the voices became louder and more rhythmic. Her face was filled with emotion and humility as she entered. When she spoke, she reinforced her commitment, and made a promise to represent everyone in her riding: a promise she will keep.

Canada is now facing a critical time, one where security is at the forefront due to extremism, radicalization and polarization of people. The threat is both outside of its borders and inside. It is a time when people are asked to make choices, very difficult choices between personal freedom and security. Valerie Assouline is the best choice as she knows through her own family's immigration how radicalization can put people’s lives in danger.

Canadians need to know the importance of safety and everyone must feel safe. Radicalism or extremism can come from within our society, It can be part of hate speech, bad jokes, or cultural biases which point an accusing finger at a person because of their religion, skin tone, ethnicity, sexuality or gender. We need our laws better enforced to make sure that the freedom of everyone is assured. Who better than a lawyer who knows the law and applies it through compassion and sees every person as an individual and not as a group?

Women are waking up to a new reality - that of being leaders. Valerie Valérie Assouline is a leader who will inspire all women from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and origins to take a leap in politics to get involved as activists for the rights of all women, children and men.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two poems to honor the tragedy and genocide the Yezidi community faced on August 3, 2014

Dedicated to all Yezidi people 

CYRUS the LION by Celine Leduc   August 4, 2015

Media gave Cyrus first page
He was the lead story for many
Cyrus is the poster boy
For animal cruelty.
Anger, outrage is heard.

Get the murderer!
Arrest him!, issue a warrant!
Bring him to trial!
Fine him, jail him, or kill him!
He is a murderer!.

We are told the name of the man
We know he is a dentist
We know he is American
We know where he lives
We know he is a criminal

He killed Cyrus; it was illegal
He did not have a permit
To shoot to kill.
All he needed was a permit
To make it legal.

I ask you? Where is your outrage?
Where is your rage?
For those nameless women
For those nameless young girls
Those kidnapped sold and raped?

Why do we not know one name?
Why are they not Poster women?
Why no young poster girl?
THEY ARE YEZIDI They have a name!
They matter more than Cyrus!

Yezidi women are human beings
They are mothers or daughters!
They are in need of justice
Arrest the perps, put them on trial.
A human life matters.

This poem is dedicated to my good friend Jemal he and I share a birthday both born on August 3 
MY BIRTHDAY WISH by Celine Leduc August 4, 2015  

Dessert is served! A Birthday cake!
Candles light up my cake.
Make a Wish… do not say it out loud!
Keep it a secret, not to jinx it!

August 3 is my birthday
Life and death dance this year.
A celebration of my birth my life
A day of mourning for the Yezidi.

August 3, 2014 was the first day
Of their genocide at the hands ISIS
ISIS, is an acronym and not Egyptian Isis
Who made sure dismembered Osiris was whole?

ISIS the acronym dismembers Yezidi!
They kill Yezidi men violate women
ISIS is the nemesis of Isis
ISIS is the antithesis of woman.

Isis gave life ISIS brings death.
Isis loves men ISIS hates men.
Isis is linked to daybreak ISIS to darkness.
Isis brings light ISIS blows out light.

Before blowing out the candles on my cake
I make a wish that I do not want to keep secret!
My wish is to shed light as silence kills Yezidi!
I say it out loud: May YEZIDI massacre STOP. NOW!

May all those who are alive
Come back home, safe and sound.
May their return light up the community.
May they be made whole again!