Thursday, January 19, 2017

Will he answer or will I get an acknowledgement only....

LETTER I SENT TO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU RE; HIS ANSWERING IN FRENCH A QUESTION ASKED IN ENGLISH IN QUEBEC......I wonder if I will get an answer or just an acknowledgement that it was received...
I AM WRITING TO YOU IN ENGLISH from the province of Quebec to remind you that Canada has TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French and English. As Prime Minister, you should know if a question is asked in English or French it is proper and expected that you answer in the language of the person who asked the question. If a person asks in French in another province a person answer in French as Canada is BILINGUAL, you are creating A DIVISION THAT IS Quebec province and Canada COUNTRY. BTW Quebec is NOT A NATION Quebec is a province.
Please do not say the language law of Quebec is law in Quebec and you want to respect the politicking of Quebec. Let us not forget that this language law was defeated at the United Nation for being narrow-minded and unconstitutional. It was also shown to be unconstitutional in Canada Hence Quebec DOES NOT RESPECT THE LAW.
CANADA has TWO official languages NOT ONE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Oil companies work hand in hand with governments to destroy the earth.  The objective short term is to make money and provide some jobs to people. 
It is being done all over the world since the 19th and the industrial revolution which is linked to:  the invention of motorized cars, buses, boats and big industry.  The Ottoman empire fell and was baptized “Near East (UK)” or “Middle East (USA)”. Pumping oil creates a void in the earth and pollutes the air through exhaust fumes.  Money became central and not the earth or ecology.   No one asked to protect the earth or its natural resources.  The “Near East” has been one of the most colonized areas in the world starting with the ancient Romans and then the neo-Romans.  The roman ideology is the make the world roman and to destroy the earth as they killed, pillaged burned and destroyed everything in their path. 
World leaders who are or have been colonized by European Spanish, French and British have been educated in Romans ways where: war is the way to solve a solution, abusing women is the norm, destroying the earth is their duty as they think they have dominion over the earth and all that inhabit the earth. These colonizers and neo-colonizers want total obedience as they do not think of the consequences and hence the result is an ailing earth that is polluted which includes the sky, the earth itself and the waters. 
I am starting a campaign to make people of Canada and the USA aware of the problem, we can contest as Sioux of North Dakota did and do to stop oil business from ruining the land and water. President Obama did stop the permits however a new era is upon us the era of Trump who thinks green greenback that is money was his theme song and people worry with just cause. In BC people want to stop the pipeline and the current Trudeau government that promised to go Green is now allowing the pipeline and selling the idea as the money will be used to go GREEN.  He also promised to reconcile with the First Nations and to listen to them. He has gone green as in the American greenback which is money matters more than clean water and people.  Since these oil companies who are backed by governments are polluting the waterways on many levels and then people do not have drinking water. 
I urge everyone to use these words and offer your congressman your president prime minister and oil moguls a glass of oil A CHAMPAGNE FLUTE AND OFFER THEM A GLASS OF OIL TO DRINK…. 

Marie Antoinette told the peasant who said they had no bread to eat cake she lost her head .... well let us tell the government and the oil moguls who lost their heads because they are polluting the water hence killing us all: 

                        TO DRINK OIL
               YES LET THEM DRINK OIL