Monday, May 29, 2017


The month of Ramadan by Celine Leduc May 29, 2017
Happy Ramadan to all Muslims.  Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.  There are three responsibilities that each one of us has during this Holy Month:  Our first responsibility is toward Allah (God) the second to ourself and third towards others therefore Muslims fast.  Fasting makes us more compassionate and we develop empathy towards those who are poor because we feel hunger and thirst. 
What Allah wants is that we human beings not only rad but put in practice the principles of Qur’an or the Hebrew Bible or the Christian Bible because we are People of the Book. Each of these religions was given a revelation through various Prophets. Fasting and charity is an integral part of all three religion.
Fasting is part of Sharia Law (Islamic law) and it is based on compassion.  The person that fasts must be in good health.  It is a sin for a healthy person who does not fast however it is a bigger sin if the person fasts and in poor health.  If a person is diabetic they cannot fast.  Individual needs to follow what the doctor’s instructions and make sure they can fast.   If the person travels they are not obliged to fast.  If a woman is pregnant or has her period she cannot fast.  She has a choice to give money or to fast later.  These are all about compassion and health.  The message is simple: Do not hurt yourself and do not hurt other human being that is a principle of Islam and of Ramadan.
Fasting does create a solidarity with the poor who eat sporadically.  It creates a bond between people who are hungry and thirsty.   Alms or Zakat will relieve the hunger of those who are poor.  Some Muslim associations and mosques offer Ramadan Food baskets other celebrate iftar the breaking of the fast with a community meal.  Some Muslim women visit or make food for abused and battered women and give kids gifts. Other will make food basket and give money to food banks or groups that offer food at a very low cost.  Others will go and visit the elderly and or people who live alone.  Charity and the gift of the self is part of all religions which means to look after the most vulnerable: the elderly, women and children around the world.  We need to help and look after those in war torn countries. Countries that suffer from disaster or lack of food and water.  Hunger exists in Montreal, in Quebec, in Canada, in the Caribbean, in the Middle East in Iraq, in Syria and the African continent. 
My wish is PEACE for all, real peace starts with the self with our community and those countries at war defending themselves against invaders and living under the treats of bombs.  Pre-Islam and after Islam came this holy month of Ramadan people did not go to war they found peace.  Unfortunately, some people do not respect the sanctity of the month that reminds us and tells us do not hurt yourself or others.   Peace --- Salam – Shalom

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