Friday, August 4, 2017


Remembering August 3, 2014 – 2017    By Celine Leduc

The Yezidi --- of Sinjar --- Iraq
Their sorrow their pain is unknown.

Reporters focus on war the Daesh
The criminals --- their victory
They fear the Daesh ignore Yezidi.

Few heroes to speak for the Yezidi
Fewer talk about the people
Their lives are not in our history books

Men women children are slaughtered
Women and children enslaved
Bought and sold as slaves

Leaders men of the world say
It is a genocide a horror
Yet, few countries fast-track their migration.

Some flee to the UK others are stuck
Stuck in camps waiting for an answer
An answer slow in coming people are dying.

The people are murdered by Daesh
Killed by leaders who fear the Daesh
Yezidis die because of POLITICS


Yezidi face a Euro-media identity crisis
They are from Iraq Sinjar
Yet many see a Yezidi and think Arab.

Yezidi are NOT Arabs 
They may wear keffiyeh and thawb
Clothing does not make them Arabs.

Yezidi have Semitic features
They look like:   Jews or Christian or Muslims,
Yezidi predate all they have their own spirituality.

Ignorance of the people kills
Causes undue fear in the hearts of Euro-mindset
As they think they (Arabs) all look alike

Arab has become synonymous of Muslim
Jews and Muslim face that same discrimination
Based on the same ignorance of people

Confusion arises in the streets of the UK
Confusion arises in the streets of Euro-America
As no one see difference, no one asks

No one asks before attacking that Arab
Confusing the Yezidi with the Daesh
They have been killed by Daesh

Today in the streets of the UK the USA
They are identified as Arabs as the Daesh
By confused ignorant Euro-mindset.

Ignorance and confusion is a disease
There is a cure education get to know
Know the people as individuals

People are individuals in a society
Society is diverse like nature
Nature and diversity were created by God/Allah.

The Devil sees conformity can only see one
He says They all look alike
Making him against Nature Diversity and God/Allah.

The Devil says I am created in HIS image
Negating the place of Women
Negating diversity nature and Creation

The Devil says only one religion mine
So, he kills in the name of god
He accuses other of devil worship

God/Allah is unknown unseen
God/Allah is known by the universe
Earth is diversity which includes worship

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