Tuesday, March 4, 2014



On the road to Damascus Saul heard a voice:
“Why do you persecute me?”
Saul had an epiphany and became Paul.
He saw the error of his way
He was blinded, then he saw the light
He stopped persecuting Christians.

As he saw the light his focus changed
His mission was to convert Jews and Gentiles.
Disregarded and disobey Jewish law he says.
He made deals with the Greeks or Romans
The end is near! “He” is coming back.
Soon the Messiah will here. 

Paul writes the end is coming.
Rejoice the end of the world is coming
A prophet he became
An Apostle he was made
He heard and followed the voice.
Why do you persecute me? 

On the road to Quebec Pauline had an epiphany
She heard a voice: “You are persecuted?”
You are the White “N” of America!
The English persecuted you!
You are the chosen race, the “Pure Laine”
Alleluia: I believe you are the Messiah!

You cannot take his name in vain
He is a Bishop by his name Levesque
A father of the Church of language
Yes she voted for Law 101
He commanded: Church and State separate
In his honor she introduced Bill 60.

The prophetic Bishop said:  “Religion is your doom.”
Religion blinds you, you cannot think, you must submit
To the unseen god, I am your messiah in the Flesh and I declare:
If you wear a Kippah, a Hijab, a Turban surely you lose your mind
Those cover will steal your thoughts subjugate your mind
They will zap your intelligence and you sense of justice.

Rejoice, rejoice citizens, the end is near.
Canada will no longer be, your doom!
Uncover your head, submit to my will 
Disobey Canadian and religious laws!
For I am equal to man this the law.
Is this why you act manly or mannish?