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Poster and invitation

Editor Name: Katleen Paul Roc
This book was published by Seline Rêve/ Dream

Women of Color Sisterhood writers:

Katleen Paul Roc
Michael Harewood,

Expresso Writers writers

Grace Moore
Terri Leckner
Celina Zimmerman

International contributors

Airyn Lentija
Ada Aharoni

Selene Dreams

Marcia Ledgister
Selene Y

Front Cover Illustration: Melissa Weizman
Collaboration: Women of Color Sisterhood/Soutien des Femmes de Couleur

Join Women of Color Sisterhood as they celebrate all women of color in poetry and in song. Women of Color Sisterhood- Soutien des femmes de Couleurs has collaborated with Selene Dreams a publishing company who prides itself on focusing on the artist and contributing to good causes.

Women of Color Sisterhood- Soutien des femmes de Couleurs (WOCS) is a network of diverse and young women, along with women’s organizations within the Montreal area. WOCS believes that every woman has a purpose, and the ability to make a difference big or small. Our vision is to help young women and women alike, within the “Sisterhood” to find their purpose, nurture those who have discovered theirs, educate and foster understanding and tolerance of their and other cultures. Our mission is to give an opportunity to women of all nationalities to take initiative, get involved in their community, and allow for open communication and discussion, in order to develop their academic and professional skills, and aspects of their personal lives; and cultural understanding.

WOCS was founded in 2009, and in 2011 is representing women of color through poetry from all around the world. We are humbled to have the opportunity to support and to empower on a broader stage.


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