Sunday, November 13, 2016


My latest poem that depicts feelings of anger on both sides

ARAB SPRING/AMERICAN FALL by Celine Leduc Nov. 13/16

Bad government -- bad leaders
Corruption – rigging – media
Women’s rights --- isolationist
Abortion --- religion of politics
Politics in religion – superiority of race
“Make America Great Again” explodes

The Arab Spring was coined
As a buzz word --- for the revolt
The ousting out of presidents
First in Tunisia then in Egypt
The murder in Libya heads rolled
All leaders fell except in Syria.

In the fall in November protests
Is in full swing their objective:
They want him to FALL
Violence erupts people are hurt
Hot tempers lite up fires.

Springs is all about renewal
Fall is all about death
The fall of the American Dream
The fall of the Melting Pot
Violence erupts death follows
As tempers explode society implodes.