Monday, April 24, 2017

IN MEMORIAM TOTEN TANZ dedicated to all those who died and those who survived

By Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon  April 2017 

Annie and Anita were friends
German Jewish, the other Christian
They joked: We are Judeo-Christians
They shared a passion the arts.
One a dancer, the other a percussionist
Yes, they complemented each other.

Religion united them: they celebrated
Hanukah/Christmas - the light that guides
Passover/Easter - Freedom from slavery
Little did they know they would be slaves.
They would be hunted as killers and traitors.

Politics made them enemies
They disobeyed --- they were friends.
Politicians said:  The Jews killed Jesus
Politicians acted and KILLED Jews

Religious leaders: ministers and priests
Preached, "Hate Jews," they killed Jesus.
Rabbis believed they would be safe
They reminded everyone, "We are German.
Germans are good people. We are friends.
The madness will pass --- have faith."

A knock at the door, a broken door
Houses searched, people rounded up
A suitcase packed in a hurry.
In a truck, bringing them to a train.
People displaced sent to a CAMP.

Annie and Anita decided to leave.
Fake exit cards - forged documents
From Berlin to Amsterdam
To freedom we will drive and walk.

They wait till night to cross
Check the patrols, the border guards
Snow on the ground, it is cold!
The hearts of the guards are cold
Anita says, “Go, I will follow.”

Annie runs, crosses to safety.

Anita starts to cross
She is spotted by a border guard
One shot resonates Annie falls
Anita runs back They are caught
Thrown in a truck – destination DEATH

The music has died
The dance macabre starts
Anita dances a solo : Toten Tanz
The dance of death.

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